What makes our club go around? What makes our club keep turning left on the track? With now being in the top 5 of our 2021 Qwick Wick Can-Am Midgets standings, we take a break from counting down our top-10 in points from 2021 to look at what makes our club going.

It could be our crazy drivers showing up week in and week out to race. It is of course, our amazing fans that come out to the track and support our great club. It is however, our officials at the track who give up their weekends to volunteer to keep our club wanted all across Ontario. If it wasn’t for them, our club would fall apart.

Albert Banyard has been around since the club’s inception. Many race wins, podiums, and miles down the highway in both Canada and U.S. loving what he does. Kim Banyard has been down those miles with her Dad, Albert. She has been around the Can-Am Midgets ever since she was a kid. Helping her dad out any way she can. Now, Treasurer of the club, Kim is the queen of operations. Joining her side for the past 40 years, is Mr. Terry Watts. The guy that is rippin’ around on the ATV, putting out fires (both on and off the track), and the guy who is in the drivers’ ear on the track.

Amanda Powley got involved in the club through her son, Austin. Amanda has taken on the role of Secretary. Amanda scores in the tower during every race, and has all the official times/outcomes during club meetings. Austin got involved with helping out Jeff Blackburn on the #7 championship winning car. He has stepped up and runs the 50/50 draw every week that helps raise funds for our club to operate. Rachel Munsie joins Kim and Amanda in the tower scoring each week as well. When she isn’t in the pits crewing and cheering on her husband in the #26 TQ midget, she loves all the laughs with the girls in the tower.

The club has stepped up this year with having an official tech committee. Voted in by the members are Jeff Blackburn, Elliott Munsie, Bob Bailey, and Mike Brittain. All of whom are led by the very knowledgeable, Jeff Smith. Brittain also helps all the drivers at the scales. Mike and Elliott get their flags out during race time and help flag on the infield. Joining them out there on top fo the flag stand most weeks is Cameron Thomson. Cameron loves racing, and our club. Thomson is a great addition and the fans love watching his flagship.

We want to thank Chip Whittam from Whittam Racing and the #55 TQ midget. Chip has stepped up with bringing his ATV at select races this season and plans to have his ATV available to our club in 2022. Last, but not least, we want to thank Luc Munsie for all the work he does on our website, Facebook page, Instagram page and all our other social media platforms. Keep visiting our website and social media pages for all of our updates.

From every driver, crew member, track promoters, fans and sponsors, thank you to each and every one of you for sacrificing so much to keep us sane, turning left, and keeping us putting on a show every week for our fans. Here is to great things in 2022!