Unfortunately, the 2021 season has come to an end for our series and close for the rest of Ontario. We are grateful for the amount of events we got in this season considering mother nature and the COVID 19 pandemic. We had another amazing year with the Can-Am Midgets. First time winners, and first time champion! All of those results and stories will come at a later post with a year in review. Right now, we would like to take the time to acknowledge and thank all of our amazing supporters!

The Can-Am Midgets have had to rebuild the last couple of years, and we did so this year. We would like to thank Frank Wall from Qwick Wick Fire Starters for coming on board in 2021. Frank has a strong passion for racing and we hope he enjoyed our races this year. Thank you to Jeff and Matt Miller from Miller Office Trailers for stepping up in 2021. Jeff and Matt don’t know much about racing, but after being present for our Sunset Speedway race, they are hooked! Thank you Jeff and Matt!

Thank you to Grisdale Racing Products and American Racer Tires for their support and supply of driver’s parts. And keeping tires present with the tire shortages happening across North America. Thank you Dan and Bob Bailey from EPIC Racewear for our officials shirts and their continued support.

Thank you to John from Flamboro Machine Shop for your amazing support in 2021 and all of these amazing years. Rob Neely of Neely Auto, You might not be strapping into one of these quick TQ midgets, but your support of our club is always appreciated year in and year out. Thank you to our own, Daniel Hawn and Hawn Motorsports Chassis Works (HMCW) for all their support of your heat race winners throughout 2021. Eric Wagner of Wagner Painting for his support of the club and his support of the championship winning car #7 of Jeff Blackburn. Last but not least, Greg Calnan from ImageFactor for all of their amazing pictures throughout motorsports and keeping our website up and running to keep our fans updated.

Thank you to Cory Whittam for the great work to put these pictures together. From every single driver, crew, official, and member of the Qwick Wick Can-Am Midgets presented by Miller Office Trailers, thank you to all of our supporters in 2021. We hope to have your support and keep making memories in 2022 and beyond!