We have exciting news to announce for the upcoming 2021 season! The Can-Am Midgets have a new series sponsor.

QwickWick fire starters is now the title sponsor for the TQ Midgets, making our club the Qwick Wick Can-Am Midgets. Thank you to Frank and Dave for this amazing opportunity. Dave and Frank are so excited about our club and cars, along with this new partnership!

Qwick Wick is the only fire starter that will burn for 30 minutes with a 8-10 inch flame and is guaranteed to start your campfire, wood stove or fireplace with out the need for Kindling or newspaper! But wait we’re not done yet, it will also light when wet and withstand winds up to 50km/hr. Each fire starter contains recycled soy based wax and Ontario sourced wood shavings. This wax allows for a 30 minute burn time and the wood shavings give the fire starter a higher temperature point for the duration of the burn. This combination produces the world’s best fire starter. Each Qwick Wick fire starter weighs under 3 ounces, which makes it ideal for camping, back packing, survival or your home fire starting needs. Eliminating the need for kindling or newspaper!


We are beyond excited for this partnership. Again, thank you to Dave and Frank. Welcome to the club and let’s get 2021 going.