The Qwick Wick Can-Am Midgets presented by Miller Office Trailers were back in action after a week off. They visited Full Throttle Motor Speedway at Varney in Durham, Ontario. This was their only stop at the high-banked oval for 2021 due to schedule changes for the pandemic.

Things got underway with 7 cars lined up for heat #1 sponsored by HMCW (Hawn Motorsports Chassis Works). Paul Harrison (29) and Cory Whittam (55) brought the field to green with Whittam taking the lead quickly and never looking back. Other than the #54 of David Mathers pulling off on lap #3, there were no cautions in heat #1. Cory Whittam looked quick in taking the checkered flag.

Heat #2 was a little different. We saw Luc Munsie (26) and Cassidy March (81) lead the field to green. There was action in turn 1 with Munsie and March getting together and March going for a spin collecting Paul Jorgensen (68) and Jaden Riddell (13). With Munsie and March going to the back, that put Brody Rickwood (83) and Darren Mclennan (2) to the front. Mclennan took the lead on lap 3 and looked to have the race in the bag until the caution flew on lap 7 for a spin by Bob Bailey (46). The restart found March soaring back to the lead and taking the checkered flag.

There was a long break in between the heats and our feature for the drivers to tweak any set ups needed. The 14 car field took to the track with Paul Harrison (29) and Cory Whittam (55) starting on the front row. Whittam powered to the lead for 2 laps until the first caution flew for a spinning Bob Bailey (46). The restart didn’t last long with Harrison spinning in turn 1 and Smith (49) getting collected leading to a flat right rear tire. She pulled off and her crew quickly got a new tire put on and got her back on track. The restart had Jeff Blackburn (7) taking the lead from Whittam until Blackburn himself, spun out in turn 3 and 4┬ácausing the third caution. The field lined up for the last restart of the night with Whittam taking the lead back and leading all the way to the checkered flag for his first win of the 2021 season. Daniel Hawn (42), Jeff Blackburn (7), Darren Mclennan (2) and Cassidy March (81) rounded out the top 5.




The Qwick Wick Can Am Midgets presented by Miller Office Trailers are back in action this Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway. Keep up to date with all racing with our club on our website and all of our social media pages.

All photo credits go to Katie McDonald at Full Throttle Motor Speedway. Thank you Katie!