We take this time to reflect on 2020. It may not be over yet but our season is. Our amazing club had very big plans and big hopes going into 2020. With a 19 race schedule with double header long weekends and bigger car count than it has been in recent years. Unfortunately, along with many other racing tracks and divisions, COVID-19 took a tole on all of that.

We did get some racing in though. Our first race at Flamboro Speedway saw 16 cars ready to go after a LONG off season and a LONG testing/practice season when the government allowed us to. With that, we went back to heat racing as well. Something the Can-Am Midgets has taken away the past few season with running fewer cars and running double 25-lap features. Heat winners Daniel Hawn (#42), Darren Dryden (#12) were victorious first with Dryden winning the A-main event. We thought that was it for 2020. One race. But with huge thanks to OSCAAR Racing and Sunset Speedway, we were able to come out and play one more time. This amazing event brought 18 cars out! With heat winners going to Daniel Hawn (#42) and Adam Racine (#20) coming out for the first time in almost 2 years. A-main feature event was a long one! With a lot of cautions, and cars running out of fuel due to these cautions, we finally saw a winner with previous club champion Mack Deman (#40) taking victory.

We want to thank all of Flamboro and Sunset Speedway along with OSCAAR Racing for letting us come join the fun for a very short season. Thank you to our race day sponsors, Miller Mobile Office Trailers, Fenwick Motors Subaru and Hyundai of Sarnia, Wagner Painting, and HMCW Chassis for their amazing support during these times. Thank you to our weekly and yearly sponsorship by our amazing partners Epic Racewear, Grisdale Enterprises, American Racer Tires, Neely Auto, Flamboro Machine Shop, and Image Factor for their continued support year in and year out.

Behind the scenes, we are working very hard to get our 2021 season schedule made and finalized. We hope that 2020 is behind us and only one season like that happens for the future. Lastly, thank you to our amazing and supportive fans for their support of this amazing club! Stay tuned to our social media sites and website for updates throughout the off season. Thank you!