$10,500 or BEST offer.
Complete Midget:
-1 1/8″ thick chromoly chassis built in 2008
-Engine is a Pippard built 2005 Suzuki 750cc GSXR with only 10 track days on it.
-Converted to fuel injection this year
-Winters quick change rear end with 2 boxes of gear sets
Safety focused car! largest cockpit in club, containment seat, collapsible steering column, 1/8″ thick aluminum plating for; heat, engine, or driveshaft shielding down the entire left side of the cockpit.
Kept in heated garage.
Comes with spares for everything except for engine, steering rack and wing.
Also comes with; 1000lb capacity pneumatic hydraulic lift for in the shop or at track, DETAILED setup notes from all tracks in Ontario, professional sponsorship proposal format package, and one season of help and assistance with new car at tracks in Ontario.
2 Wins and multiple top 3’s in 8 race days during 2019.
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