With one race left to go for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Sunset Speedway’s Fall Velocity, in two weeks time, it’s a close points championship battle with Adam Racine leading and Adrian Stahle in a close second with only 154 points separating the two, it could be either drivers battle.

Over the Labour Day long weekend Stahle made great gains to close the points gap on Racine winning both features at Full Throttle Speedway Sunday night.

“I was having so much fun.  It was really tight racing.  This track is a lot of fun, we do well at it.  It can be really difficult at times but that race, for us, was amazing.  I have to thank Bell Cartage, Larca Custom Machine, I have to thank my Dad, Paul and Mike Husby for helping us out, my Uncle Van who was here to help us tonight”.

In the first Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget feature of the night Stahle started ninth as Darren Dryden brought the field of thirteen cars to the checkers, going 25 laps caution free.

Dryden and Cory Whittam battled side by side on the start going into turn 1 and 2 before Dryden was able to claim the lead while Lucas Munsie, Brandon Zavarella and Dominique Smith battled it out for third going into turn 3 with Munsie being able to pull ahead as Zavarella tucked in behind him.

Ryan Fraser, starting from seventh, made it into the top 3 by the third lap as Zavarella held onto fourth while Munsie fell back to fifth.

As the leaders were quick to get single file, back in the pack, the current Lucas Oil Can-Am Championship points  leader, Racine, was jockeying for position with Mack DeMan, Steven Murdoch and Brandon Hauck almost taking the field 4 wide in turn 2, carrying on down the back stretch and through turn 3. At the start finish line it was Murdock who was ahead, while DeMan and Racine crossed the line side by side and Hauck following behind.

Dryden, who has been plagued with car issues the last few weeks, was strong holding onto the lead for 8 laps before the car fell off the pace as Fraser picked up the lead getting by Whittam who battled hard going side by side at the line,  Stahle had worked his way into third as Zavarella held strong onto fourth and Munsie tight in fifth.

At the half way point Fraser was still in the lead, Stahle was battling Whittam going to his inside in turn one to make the pass for second, Zavarella still showed strength in fourth while Mack DeMan entered the top 5.

With 6 laps to go Stahle was riding the rear of Fraser waiting for the right time to make his move. The very next lap with 5 to go Stahle’s opportunity came just past the start finish line, going to Fraser’s inside making the pass in turn 1.

Now with 3 laps to go, DeMan shook things up taking Racine and Zavarella on the inside making it 3 wide down the back straight.  Unable to complete the pass DeMan backed off while Racine and  Zavarella continued their battle in turn 3 with Racine ultimately making the pass for fourth.

With the last few laps quickly passing, Racine caught the third place car of Whittam while DeMan passed Zavarella for fifth.

At the line with the checkers waving, Stahle scored the win as Fraser finished second, Racine in third, Whittam in fourth and DeMan finishing a solid fifth.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature #1 finish at Full Throttle Speedway on September 3 , 2017 was…1. ADRIAN STAHLE, 2. Ryan Fraser, 3. Adam Racine, 4. Cory Whittam, 5. Mack DeMan, 6. Brandon Zavarella, 7. Steven Murdoch, 8. Brandon Hauck(R), 9. Barry Dunn, 10. Lucas Munsie(R), 11. Dominique Smith(R), 12. Daniel Hawn(R), 13. Darren Dryden.

In the second Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget feature at Full Throttle Speedway, it was again Stahle on top after a battle with DeMan, making a last lap pass earning the sweep Sunday night.

“I was slowly catching the 40[of DeMan].  He was super fast.  I had a good run so I went for it and it was a little slippery but it stuck enough to stay off of each other. “Stahle said of his pass on DeMan for the win.

Stahle began the second feature from the eleventh starting position as he paced himself throughout the race that saw a total of two cautions.

Smith showed strength leading the field to the green flag and staying out for several laps before losing the lead to DeMan.

Zavarella exited the race on the second lap under his own power to repair possible damage when a caution came out on the third lap when Dunn spun unassisted coming out of turn 4.

As the field lined up for the restart Smith was still leading, Munsie was second, Murdoch was third Hauck was fourth and DeMan rounded out the top 5.

The second caution of the night came on lap 5 when Whittam spun high in turn 3.  Feeling the need to take evasive action, Munsie dove low in turn 4 spinning out and facing traffic.  Dunn then made head on contact with Munsie as he too was trying to avoid the accident.  Whittam and Dunn left the race with damage.

The restart on lap 5 had Smith leading, Murdoch in second, DeMan in third, Hauck in fourth and Stahle in the top 5.  Zavarella returned to the race under this caution but started in the rear.

On the restart DeMan took command passing Murdoch for second wasting no time going after Smith for the lead.

Lap 8 DeMan had caught Smith completing the pass in turn 3 as Stahle crept into the fourth spot battling beside Hauck before completing the pass sending Hauck to fifth also in turn 3.

The top four drivers all ran nose to tail waiting for the right time to make that pass to advance.

DeMan , working on pulling away from the field, left a 4 way battle for second between Murdoch, Smith, Stahle and Racine. Racine tried to make a gutsy move taking the battle 4 wide down the back stretch but thought better of it and backed off into fifth while Stahle took over second.

As Smith was losing ground, Fraser, starting from the rear, had now entered the top 5.

At the half way point, DeMan was leading , Stahle was second, Murdoch was third, Racine was fourth and working Murdoch over, while Fraser was in fifth.

DeMan and Stahle had a large lead over the field as Murdoch battled Racine for third.  Racine completed the pass on Murdoch coming out of turn two setting his sights on trying to catch the leaders.

Stahle was making ground on DeMan as each lap ticked by.  As the field took the white flag, Stahle and DeMan were side by side with Stahle pulling ahead for the pass, taking the checkers.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature #2 finish was…1. ADRIAN STAHLE, 2. Mack DeMan, 3. Adam Racine, 4. Steven Murdoch, 5.Brandon Hauck(R), 6. Dominique Smith(R), 7. Lucas Munsie(R), 8. Daniel Hawn(R), 9. Ryan Fraser, 10. Brandon Zavarella, 11. Cory Whittam, 12. Barry Dunn, 13. Darren Dryden.

Saturday Night the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets were at Sauble Speedway.

Mack DeMan won the first feature over Fraser, Stahle, Racine and Murdoch.

“The car was hooked up, we made some in car adjustments and the car was perfect.  This was only our second win of the year, the car might look really fast, and we haven’t been struggling, it just these guys have gotten really fast.  It’s great to be out here and see such a big crowd, Thank you everybody for coming out and supporting the track”. DeMan also gave a big thanks to Lucas Oil, Paragon Collision, Crown Steering & Brake, DeMan Construction and All-Type Welding.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature #1 finish was…1. MACK DEMAN, 2. Ryan Fraser, 3. Adrian Stahle, 4. Adam Racine, 5. Steven Murdoch, 6. Barry Dunn, 7. Brandon Zavarella, 8. Cory Whittam, 9. Brandon Hauck(R), 10. Dominique Smith(R), 11. Daniel Hawn(R), 12. Lucas Munsie(R), 13. David Miller(R), 14. Darren Dryden.

Adam Racine found himself in victory lane once again winning the second Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature and extending his points lead for a Championship this year.

“The first race didn’t go as planned, I probably shouldn’t have put it where I did and I ended up putting it in the grass and bending some stuff.  Believe it or not the front end still feels funny on this thing but it’s fast. This win is kind of an emotional one.  A good family friend passed away Thursday and his final last words to me were; “go win one for me”, this one means a lot.  This one is for you Al.  We love you and we are going to miss you.”  I’d like to thank my sponsors for supporting me this year, Dettmer Tirecraft Auto Centre in Kitchener, Retail Design Group, T-Weber Oilspraying and Paving, and Schwartz Inc.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature #2 finish was…1. ADAM RACINE, 2. Mack DeMan, 3. Steven Murdoch, 4. Ryan Fraser, 5.Brandon Hauck(R), 6. Lucas Munsie(R), 7, Brandon Zavarella, 8. Barry Dunn, 9. Dominique Smith(R), 10. Daniel Hawn(R), 11. Cory Whittam, 12. David Miller(R), 13. Adrian Stahle, 14. Darren Dryden.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets are off for two weeks before heading to Sunset Speedway’s Fall Velocity Sept 23, 2017 for their final race of the 2017 season.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget top 10 in Driver points, after Full Throttle Speedway, are as follows…1.ADAM RACINE…3350, 2. Adrian Stahle…3196, 3. Ryan Fraser…2962, 4. Steven Murdoch…2815, 5. Barry Dunn…2677, 6. Darren Dryden…2613, 7. Dominique Smith(R)…2388, 8. Cory Whittam…2317, 9. Lucas Munsie…2282, 10. Mack DeMan…2131

Photos by Paul Husby