It was another high flying high impact race with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets Saturday night at Flamboro speedway.

Amongst cautions and flip overs Adrian Stahle was able to lead the majority of the race holding off current points leader Adam Racine for the win.

“The car was really working great.  I knew the 20 was on my bumper so I couldn’t make any mistakes.  It was unfortunate that a couple of cars wreck but I think maybe we might be able to get them back out there for the next Feature for you fans. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to Lucas Oil for sponsoring us and my sponsors Larca Custom Machining, Bell Cartage and Paul and Mike Husby.  I look forward to the next Feature race.”

Lucas Munsie started out on pole in the first feature bringing the field to green.  Outside pole sitter, Steven Murdoch, paced Muncie through turns 1 and 2 but jumped out in front to quickly take the lead coming out of turn 2 while Barry Dunn, Ryan Fraser and Adrian Stahle jockeyed for third through fifth.  At the line it was Dunn in third, Fraser in fourth, and Stahle in fifth.

On the very next lap Dunn was side by side with Munsie in the middle of three and four over taking him for second while Stahle followed settling into third.  Racine, who started at the back in ninth, was on a charge forward entering the top 5 by the third lap.  New comers Brandon Hauck and David Miller settle in at the back of the pack while getting a feel for the track.

On lap 5 Stahle had caught up to Murdoch getting alongside him coming out of turn 2 and going down the back stretch.  While going into turn 3 Stahle was able to the pass on Murdoch going to his inside for the lead while Racine took Dunn on his inside for third.  Two laps later, Racine had caught Murdoch passing him for second while Dunn held onto fourth and Fraser onto fifth.

Mid pack, pole sitter Munsie settled into sixth while Cory Whittam worked to close a 4 car gap that separated the pair.  While Munsie and Whittam battled there was another battle going on in front of them for fourth, between Dunn and Fraser.  Fraser worked the rear bumper of Dunn trying to pass but Dunn shut the door on any attempts Fraser made until lap 13 when the two made contact which sent Fraser spinning in turn 2 bringing out the first caution of the night.

Stahle, Racine, Murdoch, Dunn and Munsie made up the top 5 as the field came around to take the green flag.

Restarting from the rear of the field, Fraser began his charge back toward the front passing Hauck on lap 15, Dominique Smith on lap 16 and while attempting to pass Whittam on his outside going into turn 1 on lap 17, made contact with Whittam, bringing out the second caution, sending them both on their sides sliding up into the wall between turns 1 and 2 ending the night for Whittam who suffered the heaviest damage with a crunched wing and a sheared off right front tire to say the least.  Fraser’s car was returned to the pits where repairs to the 94 machine began although Fraser was not able to return to complete the race.

As the field came around to take the green on the restart, Stahle, Racine, Murdoch, Dunn and Munsie still rounded out the top 5.

Lap 19 Brandon Zavarella challenged Munsie for fifth going to his inside entering turn 3 and completing the pass going into turn 4.

As the last 6 laps wound down, the top 3 held a small lead over each other, with Racine trying to close the gap on Stahle but coming up short as the laps ran out.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature #1 finish at  Flamboro Speedway on August 26, 2017 was…1. ADRIAN STAHLE, 2. Adam Racine, 3. Steven Murdoch, 4. Barry Dunn, 5. Brandon Zavarella, 6. Lucas Munsie(R), 7. Dominique Smith(R), 8. Brandon Hauck, 9. David Miller(R), 10. Cory Whittam, 11. Ryan Fraser, 12. Darren Dryden.

In the second Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget feature Adam Racine took chances and made bold moves to gain the lead on lap 1, going the distance, earning his 11th feature win of 2017.

“I have to thank all my sponsors, Dettmer Tirecraft Auto Centre in Kitchener, Retail Design Group, T-Weber Oilspraying and Paving and Schwartz Inc.  I’d also like to thank my dad and Mike Coleman for all their help with the car and of course the great fans who come out and support us each week”.

Racine jumped out from his sixth place starting spot taking the front half of the field 3 wide going into turn 1 at the drop of the green.

Racine went high to the outside taking Murdoch and Dunn going into turn 1 while running down the back stretch with Zavarella and Smith splitting between them going into turn 3.

It was Racine out in front for the duration but not before having 3 cautions to contend with and the fast car of Murdoch.

The first caution of the night came on lap 3 when Dunn and Fraser made contact sending Fraser spinning and going up on two wheels before coming to a rest in turn 3.

Racine, Smith, Zavarella, Murdoch and Dunn were the top 5 going back to the green flag.

Starting at the rear of the field on the restart Fraser quickly gained 4 positions as Munsie left the race under his own power with a mechanical issue.

Four cars battled for two positons going into turn 3.  Zavarella and Murdoch battled for third going side by side with Murdoch capitalizing on the third spot while Stahle and Dunn battled side by side for fifth with Dunn being able to keep Stahle behind him.  Dunn and Stahle battled for several laps while Fraser reeled them in passing Stahle and settling in behind Dunn.

While Fraser reeled in Stahle and Dunn, Murdoch passed Smith taking away second.

Lap 12 the caution flag flew again when Fraser and Dunn made contact going down the backstretch as Fraser attempted to pass.  Fraser then slid through the grass on the infield of turn 3 before continuing under his own power.

As the green flag flew once again it was Racine out front while Murdock, Smith, Zavarella and Dunn who rounded out the top 5.

Lap 13 Miller who was subbing in for Mack DeMan left the race with mechanical issues.

The very next lap the caution flag flew for the third and final time of the night when Fraser and Dunn once again made contact this time it was Dunn who spun out in turn 3.

Lap 15, Racine, Murdoch, Smith, Zavarella and Stahle rounded out the tip 5 heading back to the green flag.

Lap 17 Zavarella and Stahle caught up to Smith with both drivers making a pass sending Smith back to fifth.  Dunn and Fraser battled at the back of the pack with Fraser making a pass on Dunn moving one spot up to seventh.

The next lap Fraser caught up to Hauck making the pass for sixth but Fraser wasn’t done yet, passing Smith for fifth on lap 20.

As the final five laps quickly passed the remainder of the field went unchanged with Racine earning another Feature win at the checkers increasing his points standing towards a Championship.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Feature #2 finish was…1. ADAM RACINE, 2. Steven Murdoch, 3. Adrian Stahle, 4. Brandon Zavarella, 5. Ryan Fraser, 6. Dominique Smith(R), 7. Brandon Hauck(R), 8. Barry Dunn, 9. David Miller, 10. Lucas Munsie(R).

Next week the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets head to Sauble Speedway on Saturday and Full Throttle Speedway on Sunday for a double header Labour Day Holiday weekend.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget top 10 in Driver points are as follows…1. ADAM RACINE…2827, 2. Adrian Stahle…2700, 3. Ryan Fraser…2475, 4. Steven Murdoch…2344, 5. Darren Dryden…2309, 6. Barry Dunn…2290, 7. Dominique Smith(R)…2007, 8. Cory Whittam…1923, 9. Lucas Munsie(R)…1895, 10. Mack DeMan…1600.

Photos by Paul Husby