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Rules Meeting

The annual 'rules meeting' for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets was held this past Sunday.  Results of the voting can be seen by clicking the link below.  Note, though these results are official, the 2012 Rule Book will be the official guide.

Click here for results


The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets held their Annual Awards banquet to celebrate the 46th season on Saturday night at the Best Western Cairn Croft in Niagara Falls, Ont.

2011 Track Champion Darren McLennan took home the very large 1st Place Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget trophy, Champion's jackets from Lucas Oil and Hoosier Tires and even won the nights' raffle of a new stereo. McLennan's father, Larry, and brother Darcy took home the 'Harry Macy' Mechanic of the Year awards. They also were awarded by vote of the owners and drivers, the 'Best Appearing Car and Crew' award. It was a successful season for the McLennan team, winning their 1st Championship.

McLennan, in his acceptance speech, thanked series sponsor Lucas Oil for their continued support of the Can-Am Midget Racing Club as well as Hoosier Tires/Bicknell Racing, Colormark, Home Hardware of Owen Sound, and Lincoln Welders. He also thanked his parents for all their years of help and encouragement starting in go-karts, then mini trucks and then moving into the Can-Am TQ Midgets in 2005. He especially thanked brother Darcy for all the hours spent working on the car and setting it up at the track and girlfriend Kelly for always being by his side.

"My sponsors, Brians Service Center, Yamaha, Ace Radiator, Spencer Steel and Awesome Racewear have supported me over the years and I would really like to thank them" said McLennan.

Special Awards handed out included the "George McIntyre Memorial ROOKIE OF THE YEAR" presented to Dave Hickson, and the "Albert Banyard SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR" voted on by the owners and drivers and given to Kelly Kyle.

The "Rick Sykes Memorial MOST IMPROVED DRIVER OF THE YEAR" went to Mack DeMan, and the OFFICIAL OF THE YEAR went to Jeff Dunham. Ken Lorenz presented the PRESIDENT'S AWARD to Ralph Webb.

Eighteen teams received recognition during the evening's festivities and everyone danced and celebrated into the wee hours of the morning. Thanks went to Erin Kindred for compiling a exciting video of the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets 46th season, Terry Watts for a great job as MC and Kim Banyard for again organizing the banquet.

For more informationon the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets, contact Cindy Lorenz at clorenz74@yahoo.com

Champion Darren McLennan (center) with President Ken Lorenz (right) and VP David Balych (left)

Rookie of the Year Dave Hickson with President Ken Lorenz

Most Improved Driver Mack Deman with VP David Balych

Sportsman of the Year Kelly Kyle with Albert Banyard (left)

Best Appearing Car and Crew, the 48 McLennan Team

Mechanic(s) of the Year, Larry McLennan (left) and Darcy McLennan (Right)

Official of the Year Jeff Dunham (right)

2011 Presidents Award Ralph Webbe (right)

Owner Points - 3rd Cliff Walsh, driver Mack Deman with 5th Andy Mackereth, driver Rob Neely with 2nd Cindy Lorenz, Ken Lorenz and Yvonne Neely

Owner Points - 11th Earl Caine, 12th Cliff Hodgkinson with driver Mike Westwood, 10th Chris Bauman,

9th Dave Hickson, 8th Tom Kyle, 6th David Balych and 7th Barry Dunn

Owner Points -13th Craig Mackereth, 14th Yvonne Neely with driver Justin Fraser, 18th Jeff Blackburn,

17th Jim Hickson and 16th Rob Divenanzo


McLennan Takes Feature Win and 2011 Championship

Darren McLennan held off a hard charging Rob Neely and Todd Cresswell for the feature win Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway.  The win enabled Darren to claim his first Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget championship.


Darren McLennan captured his very first Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Championship at Flamboro Speedway (ON) on Saturday night. "It"s been a nerve wracking 3 weeks since our last race and I knew I had to grab every point I could". Winning both his heat and the 25 lap Feature race, McLennan 'closed the deal' over 2010 Champion Rob Neely by 33 points. Thanking his "team", Mom and Dad, brother Darcy, and girlfriend Kelly, for all their support throughout the season, McLennan said he wouldn't be here without all their help. He also thanked Club sponsor Lucas Oil for all their years as title sponsor of the series, as well as his sponsors Brian's Service Center, Spencer Steel, and Ace Radiator. He also mentioned his appreciation to all the Can-Am Midget Officials for the work they do every week and a special thanks to Rob Neely for a great year of clean side by side racing.


Chris Bauman led the field to take the green flag with Dave Hickson on his outside. Daniel Bois was third followed by David Balych and McLennan at the end of lap one. Bois motored around Hickson and Bauman one lap later and took the lead. McLennan also charged to the front and was on Bois's tail on lap 3. These two evenly matched cars opened up a 20 car lead over the field with Bauman now having hard charger Barry Dunn to contend with. Balych fell back in the field and Hickson held on to fifth spot. Dunn motored around Bauman and took third place as Todd Cresswell rounded the top five. As Bois and McLennan stormed around the track, Neely moved into the top five on lap 6. Cresswell got past Dunn 2 laps later. At the halfway point Bois and McLennan began to lap the field followed by Cresswell, Dunn and Neely. With 6 laps to go Neely passed Dunn and set sights for the front, knowing he needed 17 points to win the championship. Both Neely and McLennan won their heats earning 10 points each. 


On lap 22 the first and only caution was thrown and then went to a red flag as leader Bois attempted to pass the lapped car of Justin Fraser on the outside after McLennan had passed him on the inside. Bois and Fraser made contact taking both cars into the wall hard in turn three with Fraser's car catching fire. Very quick work by Flamboro track personnel and the Can-Am Midgets infield workers put out the fire and neither driver was injured but both cars were taken to the pits with extensive damage.


At the restart McLennan now had the lead with Cresswell and Neely in hot pursuit. McLennan was not about to lose that Champion's Trophy he envisioned at the start/finish line. After taking the win McLennan did a "Polish Victory Lap" around the track as a large group of family and friends in the stands stood and cheered. Cresswell was third followed by Neely, Dunn and Corey Moesker.


Heats were won by McLennan and Neely.



Fraser got his first checkered flag winning the 'B' Feature.


Final Finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Flamboro Speedway on September 24th was...1. DARREN MCLENNAN,  2. Todd Cresswell,  3. Rob Neely,  4. Barry Dunn,  5. Corey Moesker,  6. Andy Mackereth,  7. David Balych,  8. Chris Bauman, 9. Mike Westwood,  10. Paul Smith, 11. Dave Hickson,  12. Earl Caine,  13. Daniel Bois,  14. Mack DeMan,  15. Justin Fraser,  16. Rob DiVenzano,  17. Jeff Blackwood,  18. Tom Kyle,  19. Carey Hickson.  DNS..Colin Turnbull, Chris Holman, and Stefan Haas.


Top Ten in Final Points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget 46th Series is...1. Darren McLennan...2088,  2. Rob Neely...2055,  3. Todd Cresswell...1985,  4. Mack DeMan...1912,  5. Daniel Bois...1876,  6. Barry Dunn...1836,  7. David Balych...1797,  8. Tom Kyle...1672,  9. Dave Hickson (Rookie of the Year)...1501,  10. Chris Bauman...1471.




2nd David Balych, winner Rob Neely, 3rd Todd Cresswell


Rob Neely won the final race at Sauble Speedway (ON) on Sunday night for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets doubleheader weekend. Barry Dunn took the checkered flag for Saturday night's race while Todd Cresswell took home the surfboard trophy in winning the 6 race Home Hardware of Owen Sound  "Boss of the Beach" series.

Cresswell is the 2011 Home Hardware Boss of the Beach!


 Cresswell and Dunn ended up tied in points for this exciting series within the series at Sauble Speedway, but Cresswell became 'The Boss' because of his 2 wins. Neely won the race and finished one point behind as the three fought for that very special trophy.

"I want to thank Lucas Oil, Home Hardware of Owen Sound, Sauble Speedway and it's fans in the stands for all the support they give to the Can-Am Midgets", said Neely. Only 16 points separate point leader Darren McLennan and Neely for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Championship for 2011. The final race promises to be exciting and will be held at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday, September 24th.


At the drop of the green on Sunday David Balych took the lead with Mack DeMan on his tail. Tom Kyle held off the hard charging Barry Dunn, winner of Saturday night's race for the third spot. Rounding the top five was McLennan.  By the third lap Dunn was in third as Kyle began to fade back in the field and McLennan went to fourth. Neely, starting 9th, was now in the top five. Caution came out on Lap 6 for a spin by Earl Caine and Dave Hickson in turn four. Neely passed McLennan one lap later and with one quick move passed Dunn on lap 7. Balych was very strong on the straightaways opening up a good lead over DeMan. Neely caught and passed DeMan 2 laps later and set sights on Balych.


On lap 11 Neely motored around Balych and took off. DeMan, McLennan, Dunn and Todd Cresswell now hounded Balych. For the next 5 laps these hard racers seemed to chained together with only McLennan gaining a spot over DeMan. A caution came out on lap 15 for a spin by Rob DiVenanzo. At the restart, Neely shot out to the front as Balych refused to give up his 2nd spot to McLennan, DeMan, and now Cresswell, who took over 5th place. Cresswell made a move around DeMan for 4th with 5 to go. One lap later he quickly passed McLennan for third.  Neely maintained his big lead followed by Balych, Cresswell and McLennan. On the final lap DeMan broke coming for the checkered and he went from a top five finish to 9th place. Chris Holman rounded the top five at the flag. Rookie Adrian Stahle, in only his second time in a Can-Am Midget, finished very strong in 8th place. 


After the checkered flag waved, the top three drivers for the Home Hardware "Boss of the Beach" series were interviewed at the start/finish line and Todd Cresswell was presented the 'Surf Board' award. Cresswell thanked Home Hardware of Owen Sound for providing this sponsorship for another year and said he will treasure this award for years to come. 


Heats were won by Dunn and DeMan.


The 'B' Feature was won by Michael McCann.


In Heat 2 a red flag came out as Daniel Bois attempted to go to outside coming out of turn 2 and jumped a wheel and hit the wall hard also collecting Dave Hickson and Mike Westwood. Bois was taken to the hospital to be checked out and returned to the track and finished 16th in the feature. 


Race Results


Final Finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Sauble Speedway on Sunday, September 4th was.... 1. ROB NEELY, 2. David Balych, 3. Todd Cresswell, 4. Darren McLennan, 5. Chris Holman, 6. Barry Dunn, 7. Jeff Blackburn (R), 8. Adrian Stahle (R), 9. Mack DeMan,  10. Colin Turnbull, 11. Tom Kyle, 12. Michael McCann, 13. Dave Hickson, 14. Rob DiVenanzo, 15. Chris Bauman, 16. Daniel Bois, 17. Earl Caine, 18. Paul Smith, 19. Justin Fraser (R). DNS...Mike Westwood 


Top ten in points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Championship....1. DARREN MCLENNAN....1908, 2. Rob Neely....1892,  3. Todd Cresswell....1818,  4. Mack DeMan....1808,  5. Daniel Bois....1766,  6. Barry Dunn....1684,  7. David Balych....1666,  8. Tom Kyle....1587,  9. Dave Hickson (R)....1364,  10. Chris Bauman....1345.

HOME HARDWARE OF OWEN SOUND "BOSS OF THE BEACH'" SERIES TOP TEN DRIVERS.....1. TODD CRESSWELL...553 PTS (2 wins),  2. Barry Dunn...553 (1 win),  3. Rob Neely...552 (2 wins),  4. Darren McLennan...532,  5. David Balych...525,  6. Mack DeMan...516,  7. Daniel Bois...513, 8. Tom Kyle...484, 9. Chris Bauman...477, tie with Dave Hickson...477. 

The final race for the 2011 Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets will be at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday, September 24th.



2nd Todd Cresswell, winner Barry Dunn, 3rd Mack Deman

Barry Dunn was the class of the field at Sauble Speedway on Saturday night for the doubleheader Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget final weekend at 'The Beach'. Starting in 5th place at the drop of the green, Dunn wasted no time catching  leader Mack Deman. Daniel Bois was third followed by Todd Cresswell and Craig Mackereth. Mackereth began to fade and Darren McLennan jumped into the top five.  


Dunn took the lead on lap 6 but DeMan kept in stricking distance. Cresswell moved into 3rd one lap later and began to reel in DeMan. Dunn began to stretch his lead over the field as DeMan had a tough job holding off Cresswell. Bois and McLennan battled for the fourth spot.


On lap 18 the caution was thrown for a spin by Earl Caine. At the restart Dunn continued his lead with DeMan, Cresswell, Bois and McLennan in tow. Rob Neely, started in the 12th spot, was now knocking on the top five. Another yellow came out on lap 20 for a spin by Michael McCann. At the restart Neely passed McLennan for 5th. One lap later he passed Bois for fourth. Dunn had a 10 car lead over the field at the finish with Cresswell in second, DeMan third, followed by Neely and a final charge by McLennan to take over the fifth spot.


Dunn thanked Lucas Oil for their support of the Can-Am Midgets and his crew chief, Duncan Greer, for all his hard work. He also thanked Home Hardware and Jason Thom of Sauble Speedway and the fans for the great time he always has coming to "The Beach".


Heats were won by Mack DeMan, Chris Holman and Darren McLennan.


 The 'B' Feature was won by Colin Turnbull.



The final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets on Saturday night September 3rd at Sauble Speedway was....1.BARRY DUNN,  2. Todd Cresswell,  3. Mack DeMan,  4. Rob Neely, 5. Darren McLennan,  6. Greg Smulders,  7. Chris Holman,  8. Daniel Bois, 9. Jeff Blackburn (R), 10. David Balych, 11. Colin Turnbull,  12. Craig Mackereth, 13. Tom Kyle,  14. Paul Smith, 15. Rob DiVenanzo, 16. Chris Bauman, 17. Michael McCann,  18. Dave Hickson (R), 19. Justin Fraser (R), 20. Mike Westwood,  21. Earl Caine. DNS...Carey Hickson.

Race Results


The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget doubleheader weekend was entirely washed out with heavy rains from early Saturday until late on Sunday evening.


Two scheduled races, one at Barrie Speedway (ON) on Saturday night and a Sunday afternoon Special Event at Sunset Speedway(ON) were cancelled.


Sauble Speedway (ON) on September 3rd and 4th will be next on the schedule as the Home Hardware of Owen Sound "Boss of the Beach" series will crown the winner. One race remains after that at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday, September 24th.


The top five in points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets with the three races remaining are...1. Darren McLennan...1603, 2. Rob Neely...1565,  3. Daniel Bois...1543,  4. Mack DeMan...1515, and 5th...Todd Cresswelll...1499.

Bois Untouchable at Flamboro

2nd place: Rob Neely, Winner: Daniel Bois, 3rd place: Greg Smulders


Daniel Bois earned a score of 100% with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Flamboro Speedway (ON) on Saturday night.  Taking all 10 laps in his heat and leading the 25 lap 'A' Feature, start to finish, Bois's excitement at the end of the race led him to climb the starter's stand and wave to the large crowd.  Driving the Cliff Walsh owned TQ #49, Bois was the "Class of The Field" right out of the box. Walsh, along with crewman Don Noakes, had the car set up perfect.

This was Bois's 2nd win this season at Flamboro (3rd win overall in 2011) as he won the Dan May Memorial Race there on July 9th. There has been 6 different winners in nine races of the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets 2011 series.


Taking the lead from his pole position, Bois shot out like a cannon in turn one at the drop of the green flag. David Balych took over second place with Tom Kyle in third. Greg Smulders battled Rob Neely for the 4th spot. On the third lap Neely made a great move by passing Smulders and Kyle. He then passed Balych coming out of turn three to take over the second spot and set sights on Bois.


On lap later Mack DeMan granaded his motor in TQ #40 coming out of turn two, bringing out the first caution. Quick work by the infield team put out the fire and DeMan was not hurt. Justin Fraser pulled off with a misfiring motor and rookie Adrian Stahle also went into the pits. At the restart Bois again shot out to the front but this time Neely was close behind. Neely became his shadow lap after lap but Bois was still in command. Balych had Barry Dunn on his tail followed closely by Kyle. Dunn drove too hard into turn four while going after Balych and spun himself and also collected Colin Turnbull taking them both out of the race.


Bois again took the lead with Neely almost making the pass in turn three on his inside but Bois just powered ahead. Todd Cresswell was now on the bumper of Balych and Kyle rounded the top five. At the half way point Cresswell passed Balych for third as Smulders went around Kyle for the 5th spot. Bois began to lap the field and on lap 19 as Balych attempted to go around a lapped car in turn four, he got loose and hit the outside wall hard flipping him on his side bringing out the red flag. He was uninjured, another tribute to safety being number one in these hand built race cars.


As the cars line up to go back to green Cresswell went off with a broken shifter. With 5 to go Bois kept the lead followed by Neely. Smulders took over the third spot with point's leader Darren McLennan close behind. Chris Holman, in his first race of the season as he returned from a work assignment in Australia, now rounded the top five.


Bois took the checkered with Neely on his tail followed by Smulders, McLennan and Holman. Smulders celebrated his top 3 finish with daughter Ainsley Elizabeth at her first Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget race.


Heats were won by Bois and Neely.



The 'B' Feature was won by Holman.


Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Flamboro Speedway, August 13th was...1. DANIEL BOIS, 2. Rob Neely, 3. Greg Smulders, 4. Darren McLennan, 5. Chris Holman, 6. Tom Kyle, 7. Chris Bauman, 8. Todd Cresswell, 9. David Balych, 10. Earl Caine, 11. Mike Westwood, 12. Dave Hickson, 13. Barry Dunn, 14. Colin Turnbull, 15. Mack DeMan, 16. Justin Fraser, 17. Adrian Stahle. DNS..Rob DiVenanzo


The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets Top Ten In Points as of August 13, 2011...1. DARREN MCLENNAN...1553, 2. Rob Neely...1515, 3. Daniel Bois...1493, 4. Mack DeMan...1465, 5. Todd Cresswell...1449, 6. David Balych...1329, 7. Tom Kyle...1315, 8. Barry Dunn...1314,  9. Dave Hickson (R), tie with Mike Westwood...1124.


The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets head north for a double header weekend. They will be at Barrie Speedway on Saturday night followed by a Sunday night Special race at Sunset Speedway.



Full Race Results Here


2011 Group Shot of Drivers and Officials


Second place Barry Dunn, winner Rob Neely, 3rd Darren McLennan

James Gray and Rob Neely picked up a win in the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget doubleheader at Sauble Speedway (ON) in the Home Hardware of Owen Sound "Boss of The Beach" series over the weekend. Gray capped the field on Saturday night and Neely won on Sunday. Both drivers are former series Champions, Neely in 2010 and Gray in 2009 and they have both won the Home Hardware of Owen Sound "Boss of the Beach" Championships. Six cars were wrecked on Saturday night on lap one, but with a late night and some hard work all of them returned to the field for the Sunday night race.
Neely started on the pole Sunday night and lead from start to finish. At the drop of the green by starter Dale Shunamon, Neely took command with David Balych, running the only Suzuki motor in the field, in second. Tom Kyle was third holding off Barry Dunn in his hard charging TQ 24 in fourth place.  Daniel Bois rounded the top five.  One lap later Dunn powered around Kyle and Bois followed. They set sights on Balych as Neely opened up a sizable lead over the field. By lap 5 Todd Cresswell had joined the mix. Cresswell had won the first two races of the Home Hardware Series on July 1st and 2nd at Sauble Speedway.
Dunn passed Balych in lap 7 as Neely began to lap the field. The first caution came out for Bois as he spun in turn 2. At the restart Dunn tried to keep pace with Neely but to no avail. Cresswell was now in third place, followed by Balych and current points leader Darren McLennan. Just after the half way point, McLennan passed Balych and set sights for Cresswell.  Dunn was still charging after Neely, catching up to him a few times but he did not have enough to get around him.
The second caution came out for a spin by Earl Caine and Rob DiVenanzo. DiVenanzo had won the 'B' qualifying race to get into the field, his first checkered flag, and had hoped for a better finish but he was now out of the race. Caine continued at the back of the field at the restart but went out one lap later. The final caution flag was thrown for a spin by Cresswell, running in third place, in turn two. At the restart Dunn took his best shot at Neely but couldn't make it stick. McLennan was now in third with Balych hanging on to 4th and Mack DeMan, winner of the last race at Grand Bend, now in the top five.
With five laps to go Neely kept the lead followed by Dunn, McLennan, Balych and DeMan.  Cresswell, starting at the back from his spin, was charging through the field and was up to seventh spot with one to go. Neely took the checkered with Dunn, McLennan, Balych and DeMan remaining in place for the final flag. Cresswell passed Bois for a good finish of 6th.
Neely thanked all the fans in the packed grandstands for coming out, series sponsor Lucas Oil, and Home Hardware of Owen Sound for supporting the "Boss of The Beach" series for another year. Neely said he treasures the unique 'surfboard' trophy from winning the series last year. He also said "It is always fun running against Barry Dunn, a very hard but clean racer".
The Heats were won by Neely and Cresswell. DiVenzano won the "B" feature. Of special note, 7 time Can-Am Midget Champion Keith Dempster drove the TQ #20 for Erin Kindred and finished in 10th place. Dempster was seen at many of the cars giving advice on setups.
Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Sauble Speedway on July 31st was...1. ROB NEELY, 2. Barry Dunn, 3. Darren McLennan, 4. David Balych,  5. Mack DeMan,  6. Todd Cresswell,  7. Daniel Bois,  8. Tyler Mackereth,  9. Tom Kyle,  10. Keith Dempster,  11. Dave Hickson,  12. Chris Bauman,  13. Mike Westwood,  14. James Gray,  15. Rob DiVenzano,  16. Earl Caine. 


3rd place Mack Deman, winner James Gray, 2nd Barry Dunn

James Gray won the Saturday night race for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Sauble Speedway, part of the Home Hardware of Owen Sound "Boss of the Beach" series. Gray took the lead from Barry Dunn on lap 6 and showed the fans how to get around the track.
A red flag came out on lap one as the field entered turn two a number of cars made contact with 6 midgets having enough damage to take them into the pits. Only one driver, Daniel Bois, complained of a sore hand. The other drivers were not injured, highlighting how safely these cars are built. Cars leaving the field along with Bois were Rob Neely, Todd Cresswell, Mike Westwood, Chris Bauman and Earl Caine. 
As the green was shown for the complete restart, Tom Kyle took the lead followed by Dunn and Dave Hickson. Gray was fourth and Mack DeMan was 5th. Dunn went around Kyle and Gray followed by passing both Kyle and Hickson. Dunn shot out to the front but you can never count out the smooth driver of Gray. DeMan was 4th followed by Darren McLennan and Kyle.  Five laps later, with one quick move, Gray was around Dunn and took over the lead.
Lap 10 had the first and only caution as Tyler Mackereth, from Estero, Florida, driving his Dad's TQ93, slowed and went into the pits. Mike Westwood, involved in the first lap crash, returned to the field but only ran another 4 laps before heading to the pits.  The remaining laps ticked off with Gray in command followed by Dunn, DeMan, McLennan and Balych. 
Gray thanked series sponsor Lucas Oil, Home Hardware, and his Dad for all his hard work on the car.  Heats were won by DeMan and Todd Cresswell. The "B' Feature was won by Daniel Bois.
Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets on Saturday, July 30th, at Sauble Speedway was... 1.JAMES GRAY,  2. Barry Dunn,  3. Mack DeMan, 4. Darren McLennan,  5. David Balych,  6. Tom Kyle,  7. Rob DiVenzano,  8. Dave Hickson,  9. Tyler Mackereth,  10. Mike Westwood,  11. Rob Neely  12. Todd Cresswell,  13. Daniel Bois,  14. Chris Bauman,  15. Earl Caine. DNS..Carey Hickson.
Top Ten In Points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of July 31st...1. DARREN MCLENNAN....1401,  2. Mack DeMan....1363,  3 Rob Neely....1345,  4.  Todd Cresswell....1321,  5. Daniel Bois....1313,  6. David Balych....1207,  7. Barry Dunn....1204,  8. Tom Kyle....1177,  9. Dave Hickson (R),....1017,  10. Mike Westwood....1013.
The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets' next race will be on Saturday, August 13th, at Flamboro Speedway.


Mack DeMan Wins At Grand Bend "Bull Ring"



Mack DeMan won his second race of the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget season in fine style at the tight 'Bull Ring' at Grand Bend Speedway on Sunday afternoon. Qualifying took place on Saturday night but the feature was moved into Sunday as the clouds opened up early in the evening and when the rained stopped the track couldn't be dried because of the very humid



High interest in the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Grand Bend brought out four different sponsors for the event. Big thanks goes to Easy Building Products and Brian's Service Center, both from Hensall and Auto Fusion Towing and Crossland Insurance from London. DeMan thanked those sponsors along with Lucas Oil and Crown Steering and Brake in Toronto for their continued support. With his win, DeMan now moved into 4th place in this highly competitive point series.


At the drop of the green Rookie Dave Hickson in his first start on the pole held on for one lap before Rob Neely took over the point. DeMan was third followed by one of the hometown favorites, Darren McLennan. Barry Dunn rounded the top five. David Balych pulled off with a broken driveshaft and Tom Kyle also left the field early with handling problems. With five laps in Hickson faded into the field as Todd Cresswell and Corey Moesker charged up to the front.


One lap later, leader Neely also left with a broken driveshaft turning over the point to DeMan. DeMan was on rails as he stretched his lead over the field. McLennan battled with Cresswell as Moesker held off the strong Dunn for fourth. By the half way point, DeMan was lapping the field. Cresswell began to slow with his motor heating up with five to go. Moesker, came from his 15th starting spot up to second place and set sights on DeMan, but the laps tick off in the 11 second range in this egg shaped oval and DeMan was not to be denied. McLennan finished 3rd, moving him to the lead in the point's series, followed by a strong finish by Cresswell and Dunn. After the race Cresswell was DQ'd for not going to the scales.


 Top 3: 2nd Corey Moesker, 1st Mack Deman, 3rd Darren Mclennan


Heats were won by David Balych and Todd Cresswell.


Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Grand Bend Speedway was...1. MACK DEMAN, 2. Corey Moesker,  3. Darren McLennan,  4. Barry Dunn,  5. Colin Turnbull,  6. Dave Hickson (R), 7. Chris Bauman,  8. Daniel Bois,  9. Earl Caine,  10. Mike Westwood,  11. Rob Neely,  12. Tom Kyle,  13. David Balych,  14. Todd Cresswell. DNS..Greg Smulders and Carey Hickson.


Top Ten In Points (Unofficial) for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of July 24th....1. DARREN MCLENNAN...1087,  2. Daniel Bois...1077,  3. Todd Cresswell...1059,  4. Mack DeMan...1052,  5. Rob Neely...1047,  6. Tom Kyle...917,  7. David Balych...911,  8. Barry Dunn...877,  9. Mike Westwood...795,  10. Earl Caine...789.


The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets head to Sauble Speedway for a doubleheader in the Home Hardware Series this weekend.



Daniel Bois Wins Dan May Memorial

From left to right, 2nd Darren McLennan, Race Winner Daniel Bois, 3rd Todd Cresswell with Ross May


Daniel Bois won the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget "Dan May Memorial Race' at Flamboro Speedway (ON) on Saturday night. Taking the lead with three laps to go, Bois took the inside lane as leader Darren McLennan went to the outside to pass two lapped cars in turn four. After taking the checkered, Bois said this was the most important race he has ever won. The family of Dan May was at the start finish line as the trophies were presented. A replica trophy of the #7 car from the Can-Am Midget Racing Club was presented to Ross May, father of Dan, by Bois. Before the Feature race was run, the #7 car, now owned by Jeff Blackburn, made a parade lap to lead the field in 4-abreast fashion in a 'salute' to the late Dan May. The large crowd stood and showed their appreciation.


Pole setter Tom Kyle lead the field at the drop of the green. McLennan was second followed by Mack DeMan, Chris Bauman and Rob DiVenanzo.  Bauman began to fade and Barry Dunn joined the top five runners. Lap 4 saw McLennan pass Kyle and take the point. Holding a sizable lead over the field, McLennan knew the hard chargers were coming. Todd Cresswell moved into the top five on lap 6 with Bois now on his tail. Both Cresswell and Bois moved around DiVenanzo on the next lap. By lap 10 McLennan began to lap the field.


Bois passed Cresswell on the next lap as McLennan continued his lead. Kyle began to fade and Bois was now on the back of DeMan. On lap 14 the first caution came out for a spin by Mike Westwood in turn one. At the restart Dunn left the field with a battery going sour. The field tightened up but McLennan got a great start out of turn two. Two laps later Bois and Cresswell passed DeMan and fought for second place. Bois tracked down McLennan as they entered turn four with lapped cars were ahead of them. Bois, going to the inside, made the move that got him the lead. Final caution came out as Bauman spun and went to the rear at the restart with two to go. McLennan's attempt to catch Bois ran short in the remaining laps. Bois took the win, followed by McLennan, Cresswell, DeMan and a strong finish by Kyle.


Previous points leader Rob Neely tangled with Bois in their heat race breaking the front spindle, then loosing the tire and wheel, taking him out of the race. Neely drove his car as the #1 in the feature and went our early with a fuel pump problem. Cresswell, with his 3rd place finish now has the point's lead. 


Heats were won by McLennan and DeMan. The 'B' Feature race was won by David Balych.


The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets have the weekend off and return to the track on Saturday, July 23rd at Grand Bend Speedway (ON). Bois hopes to make it two in a row as he won there on June 25th.


Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets final finish at Flamboro Speedway on July 9th...1. DANIEL BIOS,  2. Darren McLennan,  3. Todd Cresswell,  4. Mack DeMan,  5. Tom Kyle,  6. Jeff Blackburn (R), 7. David Balych,  8. Rob DiVenanzo,  9. Kent Turnbull,  10. Mike Westwood,  11. Dave Hickson (R),  12. Chris Bauman,  13. Colin Turnbull,  14. Jonathan Treadwell (R),  15. Earl Caine,  16. Barry Dunn,  17. Rob Neely.  Tow Justin Fraser (R), DNS, Carey Hickson and  James Gray.


Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets Top Ten in Points (unofficial) as of July 9th...1. 1. TODD CRESSWELL...999,  2. Daniel Bois...949,  3. Rob Neely...929,  4. Darren McLennan...927,  5. Mack DeMan...880,  6. Tom Kyle...810,  7. David Balych...798,  8. Barry Dunn...725,  9. Mike Westwood...680,  10. Earl Caine...669

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