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Mack DeMan 'sweeps' Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Event

(Picture from files)

Mack DeMan had a 'perfect' night as he finished first in everything he raced as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets were at Grand Bend Speedway (Ont). They ran their show on Sunday night because of the potential of severe storms on Saturday cancelled that race.

DeMan was quick out of the box, fastest car in practice, won his heat race, started on the pole and lead all 25 laps.  Thanking sponsors Crown Steering and Brake and Lucas Oil, DeMan said 'finally all the pieces fell together tonight' and the car was great.  With only one caution at this tight 1/4 mile track, the field couldn't catch up as DeMan extended his lead.

The green flag flew and before the first lap was complete, four cars made contact exiting turn three. David Balych had front end damage and was out of the race. Todd Cresswell, James Gray and Kent Turnbull went to the back of the field at the restart.

DeMan was quick at the restart as Chris Holman, Greg Smulders and Darren McLennan ran 'elbow to elbow'. Current points' leader Rob Neely ran 5th but motor issues took him out of the race on lap 5.  Holman continued to fight off Smulders and McLennan, both veterans of this small track, until lap 13, when Smulders made a great move around a lapped car and McLennan followed, forcing Holman to 4th place. Daniel Bois rounded out the top five.  DeMan had 'checked out' with large lead over the field.

Hard charging Barry Dunn started 11th and moved into the top five two laps later.

Corey Moesker made his way through the field from the 14th starting spot to catch Bois and pass him and Cresswell on lap 20.  McLennan passed Smulders for second place with 3 to go but there was not enough laps left to catch DeMan.  

The checkers flew for DeMan, followed by McLennan, Smulders, Holman and Moesker. 

Heat were won by Cresswell and DeMan. The 'B' feature was won by Dunn.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets head to Sauble Speedway (Ont) for the Canadian Holiday double header for the Home Hardware Series.  

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Grand Bend is....1. MACK DEMAN, 2. Darren McLennan, 3. Greg Smulders, 4. Chris Holman, 5. Corey Moesker, 6. Barry Dunn, 7. Todd Cresswell, 8. Daniel Bois, 9. James Gray, 10. Stef Haas, 11. Tom Kyle, 12. Kent Turnbull, 13. Earl Caine, 14. Carey Hickson, 15. Rob Neely, 16. David Balych. DNS. Rob DiVenanzo.

Top ten in points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of July 25th....1.ROB NEELY...1208,  2. Darren McLennan...1096,  3. Greg Smulders...1066,  4. Todd Cresswell...1037,  5. Corey Moesker...1032,  6. James Gray...1015,  7. Barry Dunn...983,  8. Chris Holman...963,  9. Daniel Bois...944,  10. Mack DeMan...942

Race Results

Gray gets his Groove back at Peterborough

Feature Winner - James Gray


James Gray found his winning groove Saturday night as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets ran a 'rained out' race from June 12th at Peterborough Speedway (Ont.). Gray, the defending Champion, took the lead on the 10th lap, and walked away from the field in strong fashion.  Thanking his sponsors, National Exhaust, R & W Auto and his Dad and crew, he said the car was 'hooked up' the best it's been this season.

At the beginning of the race, when the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets go 'four-abreast' to salute the fans, a tribute to long time member, Roger Riberdy, was held as the inside lane dropped one spot in his honor.  Riberdy passed away this Spring and will be missed.


Salute to Roger Riberdy


When the green flag dropped, Tom Kyle, in his sophomore year with the Can-Am Midgets, took the lead. Mack DeMan battled with Todd Cresswell for the second spot.  Gray, starting sixth, moved up to fourth by the start of the second lap. Lap 3 saw Cresswell take the point from Kyle but Gray was already 'knocking on his door'. Cresswell remained tough and held Gray off for 6 hard fought laps. On the 10th lap Gray took command by passing Cresswell  going into turn three. DeMan, Cresswell and Barry Dunn had a race of their own, all trying for the second spot.  David Balych rounded out the top five.

The first caution came out in lap 11 as rookie Rob Divenanzo spun in turn two. He went out of the race with a broken oil line. Dunn began to show some sparks from his car but continued to battle with Cresswell and DeMan. On the 13th lap Kyle joined the 'roll-over' club as he entered turn two. Quick work from his crew as they removed the wing in the pits and he returned to the race, starting at the back but not loosing a lap. At the restart, Dunn broke in turn four and collected Jody Bound. Bound went into the wall and out of the race along with Dunn.

Gray resumed his lead as Cresswell held off DeMan. Balych moved to fourth with Daniel Bois now in the top five. Rob Neely, starting 12th, passed Bois for 5th place on lap 15 and set his sites on Balych. With five to go, Gray had a straightaway lead over the field and the battle behind heated up. Neely passed Balych with two to go and closed up on DeMan. The fans were on their feet as they ran side by side to the finish. Neely got it by a 'nose'. DeMan finished a strong fourth followed by Balych.

Todd, Cresswell, James Gray, Mack Demann

Heats were won by David Balych and James Gray.

Heat 1 -David Balych                                                    Heat 2 -James Gray

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets was... 1. JAMES GARY,  2. Todd Cresswell,  3. Rob Neely,  4. Mack DeMan,  5. David Balych,  6. Daniel Bois,  7. Greg Smulders,  8. Chris Holman,  9. Corey Moesker,  10. Tom Kyle,  11. Darren McLennan,  12. Barry Dunn,  13. Jody Bound,  14. Rob Divenanzo

Top Ten Driver Points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of July 17, 2010...1. ROB NEELY...1111,  2. Darren McLennan...931,  3. Greg Smulders...908,  4. Todd Cresswell...897,  5. Corey Moesker...891,  6. James Gray...888,  7. Barry Dunn...848,  8. Daniel Bois...816,  9. Tom Kyle...814,  10. Chris Holman...809.

Story by Cindy Lorenz


Pictures by Ralph Webb


Race Results


Neely Wins 'Open Wheel' Special Event

Rob Neely captured his 3rd win of the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget series at Sauble Speedway (Ont.) Saturday night.  Jason Thom, owner of Sauble Speedway, had a successful night for his first time 'Open Wheel' event to a packed house.  Home Hardware of Owen Sound is sponsoring the 'series within the series' for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets and 21 cars filled the field.

At the drop of the green, the red flag came out before the first lap was scored as several cars made contact in turn 3 and seven cars spun. Six cars did not return to the race.  Corey Moesker, James Gray, Daniel Bois, Todd Cresswell, Earl Caine and Mike Westwood were unable to fix and return to the race.

At the restart of the first lap, Chris Holman was in command of the lead with Barry Dunn and Rob Neely battling for the second spot. Dunn took over the top spot 2 laps later with Holman and Neely under 'one roof'. Neely, who started 11th, found his way to second place on lap 5.  Adam Walsh began to knock on Holman for the 3rd spot but Holman was strong and held him off.  Neely took the lead on lap 8 and started to walk away from the field. The battle behind him was fierce with Dunn, Holman and Walsh.  Darren McLennan rounded the top five.  Dunn finally found an opening on lap 16 to try to pass Holman, but Walsh took command and passed them both, moving to the 2nd spot and set his target on Neely. Dunn powered by Holman and set sail for the two top cars.

It looked like Neely would have no problems with his lead over Walsh, but a caution came out with 4 laps to go as Tom Kyle spun in turn four. This tightened up the field for an exciting finish.  At the restart Neely remained strong but Walsh would not just go away. Dunn was third followed by a strong run from Dan May in his first time out this season.

The checkers flew for Neely, with Walsh second, Dunn third, May 4th and Holman rounded the top five.

The heat were won by Walsh and Dunn. The 'B' Feature was won by David Balych.

Heat 1-Adam Walsh                                                            Heat 2 - Barry Dun


B Feature - David Balych

In the second heat race Colin Turnbull and Dan May made contact coming out of turn 2 and Turnbull went hard into the wall. He was taken to the Hospital and checked out. At this writting, he was sore, but doing ok.

On Friday  night the fans were treated to a special night as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget ran time trials and Neely took the top spot running in the low 14 second range. Then the 17 midgets on hand ran a Home Hardware 12 lap Dash and James Gray won followed by Neely, Dunn, David Balych and Greg Smulders. 

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets have a weekend off then return to the track at Peterborough Speedway (Ont) for a make-up race of the rain out on June 12th.

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets was... 1.ROB NEELY, 2, Adam Walsh, 3, Barry Dunn,  4, Dan May,  5,  Chris Holman,  6. Darren McLennan,  7. David Balych,  8. Stefan Haas,  9. Greg Smulders,  10. Rob DiVenanzo,  11. Tom Kyle,  12. Michael McCann,  13. James Gray,  14. Corey Moesker,  15. Daniel Bois,  16. Todd Cresswell, 17. Mike Westwood, 18. Earl Caine, 19. Carey Hickson. DNS..Craig Mackereth, Colin Turnbull

Top ten in Driver Points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets are...!> ROB NEELY...951   2. Darren McLennan...815,  3. Greg Smulders...771,  4. Corey Moesker...770,  5. Barry Dunn...738,  6. Todd Cresswell...736,  7. James Gray...708,  8.  Tom Kyle...696,  9.  Chris Holman...684,  10.  Daniel Bois...679.

Story by Cindy Lorenz

Pictures by Ralph Webb

Race Results