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Barry Dunn takes his first win at Peterborough

Feature Winner: Barry Dunn

Barry Dunn captured his first win in the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Series at Peterborough Speedway (Ont) on Saturday night. Celebrating in Victory Lane for the first time, the emotional Dunn thanked Duncan Greer, his co-owner, crew chief and set up man for his win. He also thanked Lucas Oil, Van Den Nest Nursery and Stafford Freight Systems. Winning his heat race and the feature race, Dunn was the class of the field in only his second year racing with the highly competitive Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets. 

Greg Smulders took the lead at the drop of the green flag from his pole starting position followed by Darren McLennan and Dunn. Daniel Bois was fourth and Chris Holman rounded the top five. Dunn motored past McLennan and began to reel in Smulders. James Gray, charging hard through the field from his 12th starting spot took over the 5th place on lap 6. The following lap had Dunn take command of the lead and he began to pull away from the field.

 Smulders car began to fade and Bois took over the second spot. Holman hung on to the tail of Bois but Gray was also right behind. Gray passed Holman for third place and then went around Bois for second as it looked like Dunn was out of reach.  On lap 14 the caution came out as Gray spun putting him to the back of the field at the restart. Dunn continued his lead with Bois back in second followed by Holman and current point's leader Rob Neely now in fourth place. Smulders now rounded out the top five. Bois and Holman continued to fight hard for second place. One lap later Craig Mackereth spun on the front stretch, again bringing out the yellow.

 McLennan, who faded early in the race began his charge back up to the front and now was in the top five. Gray, not to be denied, was on the back of McLennan for 6th place only 3 laps after his spin.  McLennan held off Gray for four more laps as the race leader Dunn had a full straightaway lead over the field. Gray passed McLennan with 4 laps to go and he caught up to Neely for fourth. Neely held him off for the remaining laps as the checkered flag flew.

2nd- Daniel Bois, 1st-Barry Dunn, 3rd - Chris Holman

 Dunn received the trophy followed by Bois, Holman, Neely and Gray.

Heats were won by Bois and Dunn.


Heat 1 - Daniel Bois                                                                                Heat 2 - Barry Dunn

 Rookie Jeff Blackburn, driving the Mike Westwood #91 and the first time in a Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget had a fine run and finished 10th.

 The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets head up to Sauble Speedway (Ont) for their final double header weekend in the Home Hardware Series on September 4th and 5th.

 Final Finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Peterborough Speedway was...1. BARRY DUNN,  2. Daniel Bois,  3. Chris Holman,  4. Rob Neely,  5. James Gray,  6. Darren McLennan, 7. Greg Smulders, 8. Jody Bound,  9. Tom Kyle, 10. Rookie Jeff Blackburn, 11. David Balych, 12. Craig Mackereth,  13. Earl Caine. DNS...Rob Divenanzo, Carey Hickson, Todd Cresswell. 

 Top Ten in Points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of August 28, 2010 are...1. ROB NEELY...1994,  2. James Gray...1843,  3. Darren McLennan...1726,  4. Greg Smulders...1714,  5. Barry Dunn...1712,  6. Chris Holman...1695,  7. Daniel Bois...1650,  8. Todd Cresswell...1560,  9. David Balych...1538,  10. Tom Kyle...1499

Story courtesy of Cindy Lorenz

Race Results

Gray Takes the win with a last lap pass at Grand Bend

A Feature winner - James Gray


James Gray made a last lap pass on Corey Moesker to take the win as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets raced the tight 1/4 mile oval at Grand Bend Speedway (Ont). After the checkered flag flew, both cars made contact and crashed hard into the turn one wall. Moesker was taken for a check-up at the local hospital but returned to the track later that night sore but ok. Gray was not injured.

 Moesker, racing in front of his hometown crowd, started on the pole and lead every lap but the final one.  Gray, starting in 10th place, made his way through the quick field as Moesker opened up a sizable lead over second place Darren McLennan. Todd Cresswell was third followed by the 'green machine' of Tom Kyle. Greg Smulders rounded the top five.

 Lap four saw the red flag come out as David Balych and Barry Dunn made contact in turn 4 and Dunn's' tire came off.  Track rules state whenever a tire comes off, it is an automatic red flag. Current point's leader Rob Neely, got a piece of the spinning Balych and broke the rear suspension on the car taking him out of the race.

 At the restart Moesker continued his charge with McLennan and Cresswell battling for the second spot. Gray had moved into 4th place and set his sights on the lead. Smulders and Kyle ran side by side for the top five position.  Running laps in the high 10 second range Moesker seemed to have the flag within his reach, but you could see Gray making his moves. On lap 11 Cresswell had his motor go sour taking him out of the race. Gray took over the spot and set his sights on 2nd place McLennan, passing him on lap 17.

 With Moesker coming up on lapped traffic, Gray quickly closed the gap. On the final lap as Moesker attempted to go on the high side of a lapped car in turn four, Gray found an opening on the inside and passed both cars and took the lead and the win.  These hard charging open-wheel cars made slight contact after the checkered flag was waved taking them both into the turn one wall. The red flag flew and there was no celebration in victory lane.

 Heats were won by Neely and Moesker.


Heat 1 - Rob Neely                                                       Heat 2 - Corey Moesker

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Grand Bend Speedway was...1. JAMES GRAY,  2. Corey Moesker,  3. Darren McLennan,  4. Greg Smulders,  5. Chris Holman,  6. Daniel Bois,  7. Tom Kyle,  8. Rookie Carey Hickson,  9. Rookie Rob Divenanzo, 10. Earl Caine,  11. Todd Cresswell,  12. David Balych,  13. Barry Dunn,  14. Rob Neely.  DNS..Chris Bauman

 The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets will be at Peterborough Speedway (Ont) for their final stop at that track on Saturday, August 28th.

 The Top Ten in Points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets are...1. ROB NEELY...1840,  2. James Gray...1702,  3. Darren McLennan...1586,  4. Greg Smulders...1581,  5. Chris Holman...1537,  6. Barry Dunn...1532,  7. Todd Cresswell...1510,  8. Corey Moesker...1485,  9. Daniel Bois...1480,  10. David Balych...1425. 

Story courtesy of Cindy Lorenz

Race Results

Neely Widens his Points Lead with Wins at Barrie 

A Feature winner - Rob Neely

Rob Neely made it 'two in a row' with his win Saturday night as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets invaded Barrie Speedway (Ont). Taking the lead on the 7th lap, Neely never looked back. Thanking the fans and Lucas Oil, Neely said "the car was hooked up all night and just started to get a little loose with a few laps to go".


4 wide salute to Barrie

Todd Cresswell took the lead from his pole starting position when the green flag flew. Running some of the fastest times in practice, Cresswell was the car to beat. David Balych was in second place followed by Chris Holman in the fast TQ #16. Greg Smulders was fourth and Neely had moved into the top five. Lap 3 found Holman getting under Balych for second as Smulders began to fall from the field allowing Neely to gain another spot. Barry Dunn now rounded the top five.

 The first and only caution came out in lap 3 as Jody Bound spun in turn one.  As the field returned to green, Cresswell pulled away from Holman as Neely took over third. Balych was now followed by James Gray. Holman caught Cresswell and passed him for the lead for one lap before Neely made a great move and motored by both Cresswell and Holman and took the point. Gray pursued Balych and passed him one lap later, followed by a quick move around Cresswell for third place. Neely checked out by a straightaway as Holman hung on to second for the next 6 laps. Gray finally got by Holman but Neely now had some lapped traffic behind him as he stretched his lead.

With five to go, the battle remained for the third spot between Holman, Cresswell and Balych. Neely took the win followed by Gray. Holman hung on to third followed by Cresswell and Balych.


3rd - Chris Holman, 1st - Rob Neely, 2nd - James Gray

Heats were won by Neely and Dunn and the 'B' Feature was won by Mack DeMan.


Heat 1 - Rob Neely                                                       Heat 2 - Barry Dunn


B Feature - Mack Deman


Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Barrie Speedway was...1. ROB NEELY,  2. James Gray,  3. Chris Holman,  4. Todd Cresswell,  5. David Balych,  6. Barry Dunn,  7. Daniel Bois,  8. Darren McLennan,  9. Jody Bound,  10. Mack DeMan,  11. Greg Smulders,  12. Rob Divenanzo,  13. Tom Kyle,  14. Earl Caine, DNS..Corey Moesker

 Track personnel installed transponders in three Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets for the evening and results showed times at 13.0 seconds and top speeds at 91 mph.  Track owner Jim Payetta jumped into the #20 midget of David Balych for a few practice laps and was impressed with the feel and quickness of the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget.  

 The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget top ten in points as of August 7, 2010 are....1. ROB NEELY...1731,  2. James Gray...1527,  3. Greg Smulders...1427,  4. (tie) Darren McLennan...1426, Barry Dunn...1426,  6. Todd Cresswell...1398,  7. Chris Holman...1394,  8. Daniel Bois...1342,  9. David Balych...1316,  10. Corey Moesker...1315.

 The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets are off next weekend and return to racing at Grand Bend Speedway (Ont) on Saturday, August 21st.



Race Results


Neely and Gray Share Wins From Midget Doubleheader

Feature Winner - Rob Neely

 Rob Neely and James Gray both grabbed a win on the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget doubleheader weekend.  Celebrating the Canadian Civic Holiday at Sauble Speedway (Ont), the midgets ran in front of the largest crowd the speedway has seen this season. Saturday night's race, won by Gray, had Neely finish 3rd while on Sunday night Neely took the win with Gray the runner-up. The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets set a blistering pace on Sunday, all 25 laps with no cautions in 6 minutes.

  Neely, point series leader, started Sunday's feature for the Home Hardware of Owen Sound 7 race series in 8th place and took the lead on lap 18 and held on for the win. With no cautions, the midgets were turning times in the very low 14 second range as the crowd stood to watch these drivers in action. Corey Moesker took the lead at the start but had the hard charging Barry Dunn on his tail immediately. Dunn made his move on lap five, taking the point and pulling away from the field. Chris Holman grabbed second place with Moesker now in third. Neely pulled into the 4th spot followed by Greg Smulders. Two laps later Neely motored around both Moesker and Holman and set his sites on Dunn. Adam Walsh, traveling in from Vancouver, BC for the race, went from 10th starting spot to 4th behind Holman.  Gray, with his quick, smooth moves, was now in the top five. Dunn continued his lead, using up all the track he could to close any openings for Neely. Finally Neely powered around the outside of Dunn and grabbed the lead. Gray, now third, battled with Dunn for 6 laps before finding an opening to get into the second place spot. Neely had checked out from the field and took the checkered flag in 6 minutes, start to finish.  Dunn finished third followed by Walsh and Holman.

2nd-James Gray, 1st-Rob Neely, 3rd-Barry Dunn

The track announcer, after catching his breath, said..."now that's the way a race should be run"! 

 Neely thanked Home Hardware, Lucas Oil, and his daughter, Kaitlin, for always cheering him on.

Heats were won by Neely and Gray.

Heat 1 - Rob Neely                                                               Heat 2 - James Gray

 Final finish was...1. ROB NEELY,  2. James Gray,  3. Barry Dunn,  4. Adam Walsh,  5. Chris Holman,  6. Mack DeMan,  7. David Balych,  8. Greg Smulders,  9. Daniel Bois,  10. Corey Moesker,  11. Stef Haas,  12. Darren McLennan,  13. Tom Kyle,  14. Todd Cresswell,  15. Carey Hickson,  16. Earl Caine. DNS..Rob Divenanzo

 Gray Tops First Midget Doubleheader

Feature Winner - James Gray

 James Gray found his winning style from his Championship 2009 season on Saturday night as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets ran their first race of the doubleheader weekend.  Thanking his crew and celebrating his car owner/Dad's birthday, Gray was pleased with the results. Also thanking Home Hardware, Lucas Oil and the fans, Gray said, "without you we wouldn't be here".

 At the drop of the green flag, Corey Moesker took the lead with David Balych in pursuit. Greg Smulders spun in turn one bringing out the first caution.  As the field went back to green, Gray took over the 3rd spot behind Balych.  By lap 4 Gray was all over the back of Moesker and with one quick move, took over the lead. Balych, now second, had Adam Walsh and Moesker battling behind him. In hot pursuit was the red #24 of Barry Dunn, now in 5th place. Moesker began to fall back in the field and Rob Neely moved into the top five. Walsh passed Balych for 2nd but Gray was putting a straightaway between him and the remainder of the field. 

By the halfway point of the race, Walsh, Balych and Neely, were nose to tail, with Gray checking out. Neely broke free and passed Balych on the next lap for third. The caution came out for a spinning Tom Kyle in turn four, allowing the field to tighten up to Gray at the restart. Gray had no part of it and just motored away. Neely and Walsh had a fierce battle for the runner up spot with Walsh holding off Neely till the end. Balych had a strong run finishing fourth and Daniel Bois, teammate to Walsh, rounded out the top five.  

3rd- Rob Neely, 1st - James Gray, 2nd - Adam Walsh

 Heats were won by Neely and Balych and the 'B' Feature was won by Mack DeMan.

B Feature - Mack Deman


Heat 1 - Rob Neely                                                          Heat 2 - David Balych

 The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets travel to Barrie Speedway (Ont) on Saturday, August 7th  and then have the weekend off.

 Final Finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets on 7/31/10 was...1. JAMES GRAY,  2. Adam Walsh,  3. Rob Neely,  4. David Balych,  5. Daniel Bois,  6. Barry Dunn,  7. Chris Holman,  8. Stef Haas,  9. Rob Divenanzo,  10. Greg Smulders,  11. Tom Kyle,  12. Todd Cresswell,  13. Carey Hickson,  14. Corey Moesker,  15. Darren McLennan,  16.  Earl Caine,  17. Mack DeMan.

 Top Ten In Points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of 8/1/10 are...1. ROB NEELY...1551,  2. James Gray...1362,  3. Greg Smulders...1314,  4. Darren McLennan...1301,  5. Barry Dunn...1281,  6. Corey Moesker...1258,  7. Todd Cresswell...1244,  8. Chris Holman...1238,  9. Daniel Bois...1210,  10. Mack DeMan...1172


Story courtesy of Cindy Lorenz

Pictures by Ralph Webb

Saturday Results

Sunday Results