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Neely Breaks Gray's Streak at Sauble Speedway
This past Saturday night, Rob Neely took his second checkered flag of the 2009 Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget racing season, breaking James Gray's winning streak. Neely took the lead half-way through the feature race and began to fly through the clean air ahead of him as Gray worked hard to catch up but found himself finishing second, while Adam Walsh took third. Dave Balych, who had won his heat earlier that day, finished fourth, and Todd Cresswell rounded out the top five.
Sunday's feature race was the last in the Owen Sound Home Hardware "Boss of the Beach" Series, which was based on the results of the six Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget races held at Sauble Speedway throughout the 2009 season. Gray took home both the checkered flag and first place in the "Boss of the Beach" Series this past Sunday evening. Greg Smulders, who started on the pole, defended his position until lap seventeen, when Gray, who started back in twelfth position, passed Smulders for the lead, to take the win. Smulders held onto second, while Balych, Walsh and Neely rounded out the top five. The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets will be running their last race of the 2009 season at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday, September 26, 2009, where the 2009 Champion will be crowned.

Final 4 wide Salute at Sauble Beach


September 5th A Feature Top 3

2nd - James Gray, 1st - Rob Neely, 3rd Adam Walsh


B Feature Winner - Daniel Bois

Heat 1 - David Balych

Heat 2 - Adam Walsh

Heat 3 - Rob Neely

September 6th Top 3

2nd - Greg Smulders, 1st - James Gray, 3rd David Balych


B Feature - Craig Mackereth

Heat 1 - Adam Walsh

Heat 2 - Greg Smulders

Heat 3 - Rob Neely

Click here for full results

(Race recap courtesy of Melissa Fenwick)

(Pictures courtesy of Alison Macleod)


Another Sweep for Gray at Barrie Speedway


James Gray took two more checkered flags at Barrie Speedway this past weekend, continuing his winning streak. Gray has now won six consecutive feature races, demonstrating that he is in a class all his own. Gray's domination of the 2009 Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget season truly makes one wonder if he is stoppable, and if anyone can catch him. In the first feature of the evening, Gray battled his way from twelfth to first in a few short laps, speeding past the competition as if they were standing still. Astonishingly, the top four starting positions remained in the top five, finishing one position behind where they had started as Gray took the win. Todd Cresswell, who had started on the pole, finished second, while Rob Neely, Daniel Bois, and Jody Bound rounded out the top five. The second feature of the night began shortly after the first, with J.R Fitzpatrick on the pole. Fitzpatrick held onto the lead until Gray caught him and lead the way to victory lane, while Jody Bound completed the podium. Chris Holman and Daniel Bois rounded out the top five. With only five races left in the 2009 Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget season, the pressure is on as the drivers head to Flamboro Speedway this coming weekend.

1st 'A' Feature- 1st James Gray, 2nd Todd Cresswell, 3rd Rob Neely

2nd 'A' Feature - 2nd J.R. Fitzpatrick, 1st James Gray, 3rd Jody Bound

2nd 'A' Feature winner James Gray & Crew

Heat 1 winner - Todd Cresswell

Heat 2 winner - Jody Bound

Heat 3 winner - James Gray

Click here for full results

(Pictures courtesy of Alison Macleod)

(Race recap courtesy of Melissa Fenwick)


Clean Sweep for Gray at Sauble Speedway

Once again, the weather did not cooperate for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets when Saturday's feature race had to be postponed until Sunday after completing only two laps of open-wheel racing. Sunday evening began with the remaining twenty-three laps from Saturday's feature, followed by the regular scheduled events. Current points leader, James Gray, started mid-pack but managed to find his way to the front quickly, taking his third consecutive checkered flag. Former TDI Cup Driver, Chris Holman, demonstrated his ability to transition from road course racing to oval racing as he held his own amongst the veteran drivers of the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets when he finished second behind Gray. Adam Walsh also had an impressive run, coming from fourteenth to finish on the podium while Darren McLennan and Corey Moesker rounded out the top five.
Gray dominated the evening when he took home his second win of the night, now making it four in a row. For the second time Sunday night, Gray came from the middle of the field to the front with ease. Following close behind Gray was J.R Fitzpatrick, who finished second after the two had pulled away from the field. Tyler Mackereth finished in the top three, while Chris Holman took home another top five finish. Dave Balych, who had finished sixth in the first feature, rounded out the top five.
The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets will be running twin twenty-five lap races on August 15th when they run the Canadian TQ Midget Championship at Barrie Speedway. Come out to meet and cheer for your favourite driver!!


August 1st - Adam Walsh 3rd, James Gray 1st, Chris Holman 2nd


'A' Feature Winner - Aug. 1st - James Gray


Heat 1 winner - Aug 1st - James Gray


Heat 2 winner - Aug 1st - Mack Deman


Heat 3 winner - Aug 1st - Darren McLennan


August 2nd - Tyler Mackereth 3rd, James Gray 1st, J.R. Fitzpatrick 2nd


'A' Feature Winner - James Gray


'B' Feature Winner - Jamie Collard


Heat 1 - Aug 2nd - James Gray


Heat 2 - Aug 2nd - Corey Moesker


Heat 3 - Aug 2nd - Adam Walsh



Project Track Champion


Click here for full results

(Pictures courtesy of Alison Macleod)

(Race recap courtesy of Melissa Fenwick)




Gray takes second in a row at Grand Bend


  Due to the weather, Saturdays race had to be re-scheduled for Sunday afternoon, and even then, the rain threatened to cancel the race altogether.  Nonetheless, the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets got geared up for their fifth race of the season at Grand Bend Speedway this past weekend. The rain held off just long enough for the Midgets to complete twenty-four laps, after which they put out the checkered flag, giving James Gray his third win of the season. Gray, who started back in tenth position, followed Daniel Bois through the pack as the two moved their way towards the front of the field.  With ten laps down, Bois got up into the marbles, tagging the wall as he came out of turn four, taking him out of the race.  Mack DeMan, who had been leading the race since the first lap, held Gray off until lap thirteen when Gray overtook him and never looked back.  DeMan held onto second, while Greg Smulders, Tom Kyle, Colin Turnbull rounded out the top five.  Flames erupted for the second time this season when Wayne Turnbull blew a motor, igniting his car.  Fortunately, Turnbull walked away with no injuries.  Now half-way through the 2009 season, things are sure to get interesting as the competition heats up for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets. 


Top 3

Mack Demann -2nd, James Gray 1st, Greg Smulders 3rd


Feature Winner - James Gray


Heat 1 winner - James Gray


Heat 2 winner - Greg Smulders


Heat 3 Winner - Rob Neely

Click here for full results

(Pictures courtesy of Alison Macleod)

(Race recap courtesy of Melissa Fenwick)


Gray Takes His Second Checkered at Flamboro Speedway

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets were more than pleased to welcome twenty-five drivers to Flamboro Speedway this past Saturday. With a track full of anxious drivers, the green flag dropped and the excitement began as J.R Fitzpatrick began pulling away from the pack at a blistering pace, setting some of the fastest lap times of the night. Half-way through the race, Fitzpatrick began to fade, while James Gray and Daniel Bois charged forward from mid-pack to over-take Fitzpatrick. Gray and Bois began racing for the lead as Rob Neely continued to charge through the field. The red flag came out as Larry Westwood got into the wall, igniting his car in flames. Thankfully, he was able to walk away from the wreck, proving once again the high level of safety the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget cars posses. With a late caution taking several cars out of the race, the final green flag dropped with only three laps to go. Gray and Bois took off from the pack, and to Bois's dismay, he got a flat tire on the last lap. Gray took the checkered, while Neely and Chris Holman got past Bois to finish on the podium. Bois managed to hold onto fourth, and David Balych rounded out the top five.

3rd - Chris Holman, 1st - James Gray, 2nd - Rob Neely

'A' Feature winner - James Gray

'B' Feature winner - Corey Moesker

Heat #1 Winner - J.R. Fitzpatrick

Heat #2 Winner - Chris Holman

Heat #3 Winner - Dan May

Full results here


(Pictures courtesy of Alison Macleod & Erin Kindred)

(Race recap courtesy of Melissa Fenwick)



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