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Mack DeMan, driving the Lucas Oil Can-Am TQ Midget #40, owned by Andy Mackereth, survived a hard fought battle with Rob Neely to come out victorious at Barrie Speedway (Ont) on Saturday night. Accepting the trophy in Victory Lane, DeMan said "I have so many people to thank this season starting with the Mackereth Family, Norm, Andy and Craig, along with my Dad and Mom. And Lucas Oil, what a great sponsor and supporter of this series! I also want to give a 'shout out' to all our officials and corner workers for always having 'our back'. This trophy is for all of you." This win became number three for DeMan this season and put him within 21 points of series leader and defending champion, Darren McLennan.

3rd place Chris Holman, Winner Mack DeMan, 2nd place Rob Neely

Corey Moesker, on pole for this 25 lap feature race, took the lead at the drop of the green. Chris Holman, starting 2nd, wasted no time putting Moesker behind him by lap two. Neely was third as DeMan, starting in 6th place was now in fourth. Jeff Blackburn rounded out the top five. Neely passed Moesker on the next goaround and set sites on Holman. Lap by lap these two hard runners fought for position. DeMan was now in third and joined the battle. Neely would power inside of Holman but he would keep the lead going hard into the corner. Finally with 10 laps of side by side racing Neely took command. DeMan remained in third followed by the #82 driven by James Gray and the #48 of McLennan. By the halfway point DeMan was now on Neely's tail. Two laps later DeMan was out in front but Neely stayed at his side. Neely again went to the the lead in some very clean, hard racing between these drivers and held on for another lap. The fans were on their feet as DeMan again took over the point passing Neely in turn four one lap later. DeMan began to move through some lapped traffic as the final laps ran down keeping Neely behind him. Holman began to challenge Neely for the second spot followed by Gray and McLennan. DeMan took the checkered flag as Neely hung on to second and Holman, Gray and McLennan rounded out the top five. This 9th race of the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget 2012 series ran caution free as these cars turned lap times in the 13 second range at this 1/3 mile high banked oval.

Heats were won by McLennan and Holman. The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets return to Sauble Speedway(Ont) for a doubleheader weekend of racing for the fans of "The Beach" on Saturday, August 4th and Sunday, August 5th.

Heat 1 winner Darren McLennan

Heat 2 winner Chris Holman

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Barrie Speedway on July 28th is...1. MACK DEMAN, 2. Rob Neely, 3. Chris Holman, 4. James Gray, 5. Darren McLennan, 6. Jeff Blackburn, 7. Corey Moesker, 8. Michael McCann, 9. Adrian Stahle, 10. Daniel Bois, 11. Tom Kyle, 12. Chris Bauman, 13. Rob DiVenanzo, 14. Carey Hickson, 15. Dave Hickson, 16. Brian Mackereth. DNS..Todd Cresswell.


The 'Unofficial' Top Ten in points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of July 28, 2012 is...1. DARREN MCLENNAN...1446, 2. Mack DeMan...1425, 3. James Gray...1405, 4. Rob Neely...1397, 5. Corey Moesker...1316, 6. Jeff Blackburn...1236, 7. Chris Holman...1214, 8. Adrian Stahle...1208, 9. Tom Kyle...1146, 10. Todd Cresswell...1124.


James Gray became the 6th different winner in 8 races as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets made their second stop of the season at Flamboro Speedway (Ont) on Saturday night. Taking the checkered flag Gray said "I want to dedicate this win to my Mom as she is recovering from some surgery she had recently. She, along with my wife and daughter are my biggest supporters". He went on to thank series sponsor Lucas Oil, National Exhaust, and Thom Boys Powersport and Equipment from Owen Sound, the sponsor of the night's feature race.

Gray, starting in 6th place, took the lead on lap 16 from Rob Neely and held the point to the win. Todd Cresswell led the first ten laps, Neely the next five and Gray took over for the remaining ten. Fans were on the edge of their seats as these fast-paced open wheelers raced side by side lap after lap throughout the field.

Tom Kyle had the pole position for the start of the race but two caution came out for spins by Rob DiVenanzo and by the time the first lap was complete Kyle was now third behind Cresswell and Neely. David Balych was fourth and Gray rounded out the top five. Gray passed Balych one lap later and brought along Jeff Blackburn for fifth. Cresswell began to stretch his lead but not out of the sites of Neely. Gray took over third from Kyle as Blackburn again tagged along. With nine laps in Neely caught Cresswell going into turn three and took the lead. Cresswell hung on as these two raced down the frontstraight. Fighting for the point Cresswell's motor began to tighten up. Two laps later Cresswell pulled off with a seized motor. Neely now had command of the field.

Gray was in hot pursuit of Neely with Blackburn, Mack DeMan and 2011 Champion Darren McLennan in the top five. With one power move Gray took the lead with ten to go. Neely fought a hard battle with DeMan for another 4 laps, giving up second place with five laps to go. Blackburn hung on to the fourth spot as McLennan rounded the top five. Gray had command of the field for the remaining laps as DeMan, Neely and Blackburn all fought for position. As the checkered flag flew Gray got the win with DeMan in second, Neely third, followed by Blackburn and McLennan. Gray was joined in Victory Lane by his Dad and crew for the celebration.

Heat were won by Neely and McLennan.

The 'B' feature was won by Greg Smulders.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets have the weekend off before heading north to Barrie Speedway (Ont) for their 9th race of the season on July 28th.

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Flamboro Speedway on July 14, 2012 was....1. JAMES GRAY, 2. Mack DeMan, 3. Rob Neely, 4. Jeff Blackburn, 5. Darren McLennan, 6. Chris Holman, 7. Adrian Stahle, 8. Tom Kyle, 9. Greg Smulders, 10. Corey Moesker, 11. Dave McKnight Jr., 12. Chris Bauman, 13. Rob DiVenanzo, 14. Mike Westwood, 15. Todd Cresswell, 16. Carey Hickson, 17. David Balych, 18. Dave Hickson.

The 'Unofficial' top fifteen in points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of July 14, 2012 are...1. DARREN MCLENNAN...1295, 2. James Gray...1255, 3. Mack DeMan...1250, 4. Rob Neely...1230, 5. Corey Moesker...1179, 6. Jeff Blackburn...1098, 7. Adrian Stahle...1086, 8. Todd Cresswell...1074, 9. Chris Holman...1051, 10. Tom Kyle...1035, 11. David Balych...1031, 12. Chris Bauman...920, 13. Rob DiVenanzo...823, 14. Dave Hickson...528, 15. Greg Smulders...485


Darren McLennan entered Victory Lane for the second time this season as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets raced at 'The Bull Ring' at Grand Bend Speedway (Ont) on Saturday night. Racing in front of his hometown fans, at least one grandstand was full of TQ 48 followers. A loud cheer went up as McLennan accepted the checkered flag. "I'd like thank my dad and brother for the perfect setup on the car, it was on rails" said McLennan. He continued on by also thanking series sponsor Lucas Oil and his supporters, Husqvarna, Brian's Service Center, Contact Welding Supplies and Awesome Racewear. The 2011 Champion, McLennan continues to lead the points' series by 59 points over 2nd place Mack DeMan.

At the drop of the green Chris Holman took the lead from his pole position. David Balych was second followed closely by Todd Cresswell. Another hometown favorite, Corey Moesker, was third as James Gray rounded out the top five. McLennan, starting seventh, was up to fourth by lap 3. Cresswell was shuffled back in the field getting loose in turn one and McLennan passed both him and Balych and was now up to second place. Holman continued his lead but McLennan was in his rear view mirror and closing fast. Going into turn 3 on lap nine McLennan made one quick move to the inside and passed Holman for the lead. Gray was now in third with Moesker close behind. Balych hung on to the fifth spot.


Just past half way, Cresswell spun in turn four bringing out the first caution. At the restart Rob DiVenanzo also spun in the same turn again bringing out the caution flag. When the field went green McLennan put it in 'high gear' and extended his lead over Holman by 10 car lengths. Gray and Moesker held their own battle for position and Mack DeMan moved into the top five. DeMan found an opening and quickly passed Moesker setting his sites on Gray. McLennan had half a straightaway on the field as Holman began to fade. Gray took over second place followed by DeMan. Holman now had Moesker knocking on his door for 4th. Moesker motored around Holman with five laps to go.


McLennan continued his command of the race as Gray and DeMan fought over second place. The checkered flag came out as McLennan took the win with Gray, DeMan, Moesker and Holman keeping in the top five.


Heats were won by Holman and McLennan.



The 'B' Feature was won by Greg Smulders.


The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets next head to Flamboro Speedway on Saturday night, July 14th.


Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Grand Bend Speedway on July 7, 2012 was...1. DARREN MCLENNAN, 2. James Gray, 3. Mack DeMan, 4. Corey Moesker, 5. Chris Holman, 6. Adrian Stahle, 7. David Balych, 8. Greg Smulders, 9. Jeff Blackburn, 10. Chris Bauman, 11. Todd Cresswell, 12. Tom Kyle, 13. Rob Neely, 14. Rob DiVenanzo, 15. Dave Hickson. 


Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets 'Unofficial' Top 15 in points as of July 7, 2012 are....1. DARREN MCLENNAN...1144, 2. Mack DeMan...1085, 3. James Gray...1082, 4. Rob Neely...1067, 5. Corey Moesker...1062, 6. Todd Cresswell...972, 7. Adrian Stahle...954, 8. Jeff Blackburn...946, 9. David Balych...936, 10. Chris Holman...916, 11. Tom Kyle...907, 12. Chris Bauman...813, 13. Rob DiVenanzo...720, 14. Dave Hickson...443, 15. Earl Caine...366.







'Rookie' Adrian Stahle captured his first ever Feature Win on Sunday afternoon at Varney Speedway (Ont) while defending Champion, Darren McLennan took the checkered flag on Saturday night at Sauble Speedway (Ont). Celebrating the long Canadian Holiday weekend, the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets held a double header at the two Ontario tracks. In their first return to Varney Speedway since the early 1990's the fans were treated to some of the fastest times ever ran at this tight 1/4 mile oval running times in the low 12 second range. Taking the win on Sunday, Stahle became the 5th different winner in the six races ran so far in this 47th season for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets.



Stahle, celebrating his 18th birthday on Saturday, got congratulations from everyone at the drivers meeting and it was noted that Can-Am Official Albert Banyard, one of the founding members of the Can-Am Midget Racing Club will be 79 soon highlighting the range of membership in this Club. One of the requirements for a Rookie is to qualify in 2 heat races before being moved into the regular handicapping order and Stahle did this through his heat race on Saturday, finishing 5th. Starting outside pole, Stahle finished 4th in that feature and hoped the stars would line up for Sunday's race. The celebration continued Sunday afternoon as Stahle took the lead on lap one and held it for all 25 laps, going to Victory Lane for his first time. After thanking his Mom and Dad, Stahle said "I want to thank car owner Craig Mackereth, the Mackereth family, Crown Steering and Brake, and the DeMan family for all their support for my first year in a TQ Midget. I'm new at this but I really want to thank, series sponsor Lucas Oil, W.S. Bell Cartage, Glenco Automotive, Can-Am Steel Products, Paragon Colission Centers, and RCM Racing Equipment."


At the drop of the green, pole setter Jeff Blackburn took the field into turn one with Stahle in hot pursuit. Coming out of turn three Stahle took over the lead. Tom Kyle was third with Todd Cresswell on his tail and McLennan in fifth spot. The first caution came out on lap four as Rob Divenanzo and James Gray spun. At the restart Earl Caine spun, tightening up the field again at the restart. Stahle remained in the lead as Blackburn now had Rob Neely come from his 8th starting spot into third. Two laps later Neely was now in second place and began his charge toward the leader. Blackburn held third with Kyle and McLennan close behind.


With 10 laps in, Caine slide into the back wall bringing out the final caution, taking him out of the race. Stahle had a strong restart and stretched the lead. Neely made a hard charge as a blanket could be thrown over Blackburn, Kyle and McLennan. Kyle began to fade and Mack DeMan joined the top five. Neely turned up the power but the race belonged to the Rookie. Stahle took the checkered flag followed by Neely, Blackburn, McLennan, and DeMan. Heats were won by Neely and Gray.



Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Varney Speedway on July 1st was.....1. ADRIAN STAHLE, 2. Rob Neely, 3. Jeff Blackburn, 4. Darren McLennan, 5. Mack DeMan, 6. James Gray, 7. Tom Kyle, 8. Corey Moesker, 9. Todd Cresswell, 10. Chris Holman, 11. David Balych, 12. Adam Walsh, 13. Chris Bauman, 14. Rob DiVenanzo, 15. Earl Caine. DNS..Dave Hickson and Corey Hickson.





Darren McLennan took his first win of the season passing Jeff Blackburn with 5 laps to go as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets raced to a packed house at Sauble Speedway on Saturday night. The win also brought McLennan, defending Champion with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets back to the point's lead from Corey Moesker.


Starting fifth in this 25 lap feature McLennan was on a mission. Jeff Blackburn had pole and took the lead from the drop of the green flag. Adrian Stahle held on to second with David Balych third. McLennan passed Balych for the third spot on the next lap followed by Rob Neely. By lap 8 McLennan got around Stahle for 2nd place. Neely was now in fourth and Mack DeMan rounded out the top five. By half way McLennan was now on the back of Blackburn but he wouldn't leave an open spot for McLennan. The only caution came out on lap 13 as Tom Kyle spun in turn 3.

Blackburn shot out to the lead at the restart but couldn't shake McLennan. Two laps later Adam Walsh, traveling from his home of Vancouver, BC, to race this weekend went out with a broken throttle cable. With 5 laps to go McLennan found an opening and made the pass as DeMan also followed to take over second place. McLennan went to Victory Lane with DeMan in second, Blackburn third, Stahle fourth and Neely fifth.

Accepting the checkered flag McLennan said "We haven't had the best finishes the past few weeks but it all came together tonight. I want to thank my dad and brother for all their help as well as Lucas Oil, Husqvarna, Brian's Service Center, Contact Welding Supplies and Awesome Racewear."


Heats were won by Blackburn and McLennan.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets head west to the small 'Bull Ring' of Grand Bend Speedway on Saturday, July 7th.


Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Sauble Speedway on June 30th was...1. DARREN MCLENNAN, 2. Mack DeMan, 3. Jeff Blackburn, 4. Adrian Stahle, 5. Rob Neely, 6. Todd Cresswell, 7. Corey Moesker, 8. David Balych, 9. James Gray, 10. Chris Holman, 11. Chris Bauman, 12. Tom Kyle, 13. Dave Hickson, 14. Rob DiVenanzo, 15. Earl Caine, 16. Adam Walsh, 17. Chris Ralph, 18. Corey Hickson. DNS Mike Westwood.


Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets 'Unofficial' Top Fifteen in Points as of July 1, 2012...1. DARREN MCLENNAN...964, 2. Rob Neely...961, 3. Mack DeMan...925, 4. James Gray...915, 5. Corey Moesker...913, 6. Todd Cresswell...856, 7.  Jeff Blackburn...821, 8. Adrian Stahle...817, 9. David Balych...803, 10. Tom Kyle...800, 11. Chris Holman...765, 12. Chris Bauman...698, 13. Rob DiVenanzo...621, 14. Earl Caine...366, 15. Dave McKnight Jr...353



The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets ran their 4th race of the 2012 season at Peterborough Speedway, Ont. sponsored by Thomboys Powersport and Equipment of Owen Sound. Todd Cresswell followed up last weeks' disappointing loss at Lake Erie Speedway, PA, with a win Saturday night. Leading the field by a sizable distance, Cresswell had a hub break at Lake Erie Speedway, taking him out of the race. He returned this week with a look of determination in his eyes. Taking the checkered flag, a relieved Cresswell said "I want to thank Lucas Oil for their continued confidence in our series and give this win to my dad for all the long hours he puts into the setup of the car". Thanks also went to Renaissance Business Interiors and Bicknell Racing Products/Hoosier Tires for all their support.

(James Gray, Todd Cresswell and Mack DeMan)

Jeff Blackburn, in his second year with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets, led with a strong start from his pole position. Cresswell was on his tail from the green. Tom Kyle was third, followed by James Gray and Chris Holman. Blackburn held off Cresswell for 7 laps until Cresswell made a inside pass coming out of turn three and took the lead. Gray was now third as Mack DeMan, Lake Erie Speedway winner, coming from his 10th starting place, was now fourth and Rob Neely rounded the top five.

At the half way point Cresswell, turning laps in the low 13 second range, held a ten car lead over Blackburn. DeMan now battled with Gray for third. Darren McLennan, defending 2011 Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Champion, set his sights on Neely for fifth. Two laps later DeMan passed Gray for third. Blackburn tried to hang on to second place but DeMan was stronger and took over the spot. DeMan made a pass on Cresswell but a caution came out for a spin by McLennan in turn two. Not completing a full lap, Cresswell went back to the point at the restart and held off DeMan for the remaining five laps to take the win. DeMan was second, Gray finished third followed by Blackburn and Neely. After the race DeMan was DQ'd for not going to the scales.

Heats were won by DeMan and Gray. The 'B' Feature race was won by David Balych.

(Heat 1 Winner Mack DeMan)

(Heat 2 Winner James Gray)

(B Feature Winner David Balych)

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets take one weekend off and then travel north to Sauble Speedway, Ont. on Saturday, June 30th for their 1st stop of the season at "The Beach". The next day they will go east to Varney Speedway, Ont. for a Sunday afternoon 'Canada Day' special event. Racing starts at 2pm.

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets on June 16th at Peterborough Speedway was...1.TODD CRESSWELL, 2. James Gray, 3. Jeff Blackburn, 4. Rob Neely, 5. Corey Moesker, 6. Tom Kyle, 7. David Balych, 8. Chris Bauman, 9. Darren McLennan, 10. Adrian Stahle (R), 11. Stef Haas, 12. Rob DiVenanzo, 13. Michael McCann, 14. Craig Mackereth, 15. Chris Holman. Dq'd..Mack DeMan.

Unofficial Points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets on June 16th are...1. COREY MOESKER...650 PTS, 2. Rob Neely...643 tie James Gray...643, 4. Darren McLennan...630, 5...Mack DeMan...616, 6. Todd Cresswell...593, 7. David Balych...565, 8. Tom Kyle...558, 9. Chris Holman...535, 10. Jeff Blackburn...503, 11. Adrian Stahle (R)...500, 12. Chris Bauman...484, 13. Rob DiVenanzo...423, 14. Dave McKnight Jr...353, 15. Barry Dunn...329, 16. Greg Smulders...240, 17. Mike Westwood...202, 18. Dave Hickson...195, 19. Earl Caine...176, 20. Craig Mackereth...151, 21. Keith Dempster...120, 22. Stef Haas...113, 23. Andy Mackereth...103 tie Michael McCann...103.


For the second year in a row, Mack DeMan won the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget feature race in the joint venture of the Casey's Midgets and the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Lake Erie Speedway in Erie, PA. on Saturday night. This was the third year that both clubs came together with Canadian and American racers from Western New York and Southern Ontario. Hobis Auto Parts from Erie, PA, again sponsored this annual event as a tribute to Al Bonnell, a midget racer from the 30's and 40's at the old Civic Stadium in Buffalo, NY.

Accepting the checkered flag in front of a crowd of over 8000 fans, DeMan explained that he was thankful for even being alive after getting cut in an accident a few weeks ago and now has a large scar on his neck. After thanking his Mom for agreeing to let him go racing, DeMan started 11th in the 20 lap feature race and took over the lead with 3 laps to go and held on for the win. Thanking Lucas Oil and Crown Steering and Brake, DeMan said the only changes made to the car since the last race was replacing the front axle. He said it made all the difference in the handling of the car. "Without all the help from Andy Mackereth, Craig Mackereth and my Dad, I wouldn't be able to enjoy this victory", said DeMan.

3rd place Dave McKnight Jr., Winner Mack DeMan, 2nd place Corey Moesker

At the drop of the green, Tom Kyle took the lead from his pole position while David Balych and Todd Cresswell battled for the second spot. ISMA supermodified driver Dave McKnight Jr., driving TQ #20 for David Balych was in fourth, followed by Chris Holman. After two laps Cresswell shot out to the lead passing Kyle coming out of turn three. Stretching his lead over the field, it looked like Cresswell was in a class of his own. Kyle held on to second as McKnight took over third. Balych now had Corey Moesker, last race winner, on his tail pushing for the fourth spot. By lap 5 DeMan was now in 7th at this 3/8 mile semi banked oval.

The first and only caution came out on lap 7 as Holman spun. At the restart Cresswell took over command as Kyle and McKnight fought for second. Moesker was fourth and DeMan moved into the top five. At the half-way point, Cresswell had a 15 car lead over the field, Moesker was now in second and DeMan made a quick move around Kyle and McKnight taking over third place.

On lap 14 a disappointed Cresswell pulled into the infield, ending his night with a broken hub. Moesker inherited the lead with DeMan now on the hunt for the point. Moesker held him off for three laps but couldn't stop the determined DeMan. With one swift move DeMan now had the lead with three to go. At the flag it was DeMan, Moesker, McKnight Jr., Kyle and Balych. DeMan now had his second win of the season with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets and continued his lead in the point's series.

Heat one went to Barry Dunn. Rob Neely won the second heat race. After the race Dunn was DQ'd for a technicality and the win went to Jeff Blackburn.

The crowd was treated to a parade lap before the feature races of all the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets and the Casey's Midgets going four abreast as a salute to the fans. A big 'Thank You' went to Northwest Savings Bank as the night's sponsor at Lake Erie Speedway.

The Casey's Midgets ran their feature green to checkered and Andy Nye took the win followed by his brother Sean Nye. Camden Barber was third, Dave Wollaber was 4th and Jonathan Reid, driving for Harry Macy rounded the top five. Twin Village Recycling and Casey's Truck Salvage are the sponsors of this series.

Fans north of the border will be treated to this joint venture of the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets and the Casey's Midgets for the first time at Sunset Speedway (Ont.) on Saturday, August 11th.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets next travel to Peterborough Speedway, Ont. on Saturday, June 16th.

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Lake Erie Speedway on June 9th was...1. MACK DEMAN, 2. Corey Moesker, 3. Dave McKnight Jr., 4. Tom Kyle, 5. David Balych, 6. Rob Neely, 7. James Gray, 8. Darren McLennan, 9. Adrian Stahle (R), 10. Chris Bauman, 11. Barry Dunn, 12. Todd Cresswell, 13. Chris Holman, 14. Rob DiVenanzo. DNS..Jeff Blackburn, Greg Smulders, Peter DeMan.

Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets' series points as of June 9th...1. MACK DEMAN...556, 2. Corey Moesker...504, 3. Darren McLennan...503, 4. Rob Neely...493, 5. James Gray...473, 6. Chris Holman...437, 7. David Balych...435, 8. Tom Kyle...418, 9. Todd Cresswell...416, 10. Adrain Stahle (R)...378, 11. Chris Bauman...359, 12. Dave McKnight Jr....353, 13. Jeff Blackburn...348, 14. Barry Dunn...329, 15. Rob DiVenanzo...316, 16. Greg Smulders...240, 17. Mike Westwood...202, 18. Dave Hickson...195, 19. Earl Caine...176, 20. Keith Dempster...120, 21. Andy Mackereth...103, 22. Craig Mackereth...52.


Moesker 1st Time Winner For TQ Midgets

Corey Moesker captured his very first Feature Win with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Sunset Speedway (Ont) Sunday night.



Celebrating the Canadian Holiday weekend in front of a very large crowd of fans, Moesker led 24 of the 25 laps and was thrilled to do his first 'victory lap'. Thanking series sponsor Lucas Oil for all their support, Moesker said "It was a long time coming but the car was on rails tonight, thanks to my Dad and all his hard work." He also said he has a long list of sponsors that have been with him from his 2008 Rookie season with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets. He gave a big thanks to Broadway Service from Wyoming, Ont., MacDermid and Associates Cooperative Insurance, Grand Bend Speedway, Waddick Fuels, and Sure Signs.


At the start Tom Kyle took the lead followed by Moesker. Todd Cresswell was third with Rob Neely and Chris Holman on his tail. Moesker shot to the lead one lap later as 2011 defending Champion Darren McLennan moved into the top five from his 8th starting spot. Neely motored around Kyle on the next lap and set sites on Moesker. By lap five McLennan was now third followed by Cresswell and Holman. Passing Holman three laps later was the winner of the first race of the 2012 Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget series, Mack DeMan.

Moesker would open up a 3 car lead over Neely coming out of the corner but Neely would catch up going into the next one. McLennan began to hunt down Neely as the cars began to lap the field. By half way Moesker held his strong lead over Neely and McLennan while DeMan took the 4th spot from Cresswell. The first yellow came out on the next lap for a spin by Dave Hickson.

Knowing Neely and McLennan were knocking on his door, Moesker got a great restart. McLennan attached himself to Neely as DeMan held his spot. Cresswell had a battle with Holman for 5th place. With two laps to go Jeff Blackburn spun in turn three collecting David Balych. Balych was out of the race as Blackburn went to the rear for the restart.

Neely came close on the final lap but Moesker was not to be denied. McLennan finished third, followed by DeMan. With a final lap pass, Holman claimed 5th place from Cresswell. Rookie Adrian Stahle had a terrific run, starting in last place and finishing 8th.


Heats were won by Cresswell and Neely. In the first lap of the first heat race pole setter Dave Hickson had his throttle stick going into turn one and made contact with Barry Dunn sending him hard into the wall. Dunn was ok but his #24 will need repairs.


The 'B' feature was won by Mike Westwood driving for Cliff Hodkinson in #46

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets next race will be a 'joint venture' race with the Casey's Midgets at Lake Erie Speedway in Erie, PA., on June 9th.


Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Sunset Speedway ....1. COREY MOESKER,...2. Rob Neely, 3. Darren McLennan, 4. Mack DeMan, 5. Chris Holman, 6. Todd Cresswell, 7. James Gray, 8. Adrian Stahle (R), 9. Keith Dempster, 10. Tom Kyle, 11. Mike Westwood, 12. Dave Hickson, 13. Jeff Blackburn, 14. Chris Bauman, 15. David Balych, 16. Earl Caine, 17. Rob DiVenanzo. DNS...Barry Dunn, Craig Mackereth.


Unofficial points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of May 20, 2012...1.MACK DEMAN...334, 2. Darren McLennan...325, 3. Rob Neely...298, 4. Corey Moesker...292, 5. James Gray...286, 6. Chris Holman...279, 7. Todd Cresswell...252, 8. David Balych...241, 9. Jeff Blackburn...238, 10. Tom Kyle...216, 11. Adrian Stahle (R)...207, 12. Mike Westwood...202, 13. Dave Hickson...195, 14. Chris Bauman...194, 15. Earl Caine...176, 16. Barry Dunn...168, 17. Rob DiVenanzo...167, 18. Dave McKnight Jr....149, 19. Greg Smulders...140, 20. Keith Dempster...120, 21...Andy Mackereth...103, 22. Craig Mackereth...52.


Mack DeMan Sweeps TQ Field on Opening Day


Mack DeMan was the class of the field for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets' first race of their 47th season at Flamboro Speedway (Ont.). Starting 3rd after qualifying with a win in his heat race, DeMan took the lead on lap 7 from Chris Holman and walked away from the field.


Thanking sponsors, Lucas Oil, Crown Steering and Brake and DeMan Construction, the very excited DeMan said "this ones for Mom for Mother's Day'!" He also said the results indicated all the hard work put in by Andy Mackereth, Craig Mackereth and his Dad, Peter. He also wanted to thank fellow competitor Wayne Gray with all his help on the car. "That is what is so unique about this Club, all the help everyone gives you."


The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets run 750cc Suzuki and Kawasaki motors and have 3 different weight classes depending on the motor used. DeMan picked up the win with a Suzuki running lap times of 14.8 seconds.

Defending Champion Darren McLennan running a Kawasaki Super Stock motor at the heavier weight class ran competitively and finished second followed by James Gray in a Suzuki. . Supermodified driver and two time champion with the Can-Am Midgets, Dave McKnight Jr. drove TQ #20 for owner David Balych and finished 4th. Balych rounded out the top five. McKnight said he was 'missing 4 more cylinders' but really enjoyed the night seeing old friends. He said the Club has changed over the years since he ran as a regular and advanced in many areas. He'd like to race a few more shows if he finds the time with his Supermodified schedule.


Holman took the green at the start with Jeff Blackburn on the outside. DeMan wasted no time moving up to second place with McKnight and Balych close behind. McLennan took over the 5th spot. Blackburn began to fade as Holman managed to hold off DeMan for a few more laps. On lap 6 DeMan powered around Holman to take the lead with McKnight in 3rd. DeMan began to open his lead as McLennan took over the second spot. Blackburn held on to third for 4 more laps until he got shuffled back as Gray, McKnight and Balych all passed him on lap 14.


The first and only caution came out as Mike Westwood spun in turn one on lap 17. At the restart DeMan shot out to the front and had a 10 car lead over McLennan. Gray was close behind with McKnight and Balych having a great run. The checkered flag came out on lap 25 for the win for DeMan followed by McLennan, Gray, McKnight and Balych.


Heats were won by Blackburn and DeMan. The "B" race was won by Todd Cresswell.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets will be at Sunset Speedway(Ont.) next Sunday, May 20th for the Canadian Holiday weekend.


Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Flamboro Speedway is...1. MACK DEMAN, 2, Darren McLennan, 3, James Gray, 4, Dave McKnight Jr., 5, David Balych, 6, Greg Smulders, 7, Chris Holman, 8, Rob Neely, 9, Jeff Blackburn, 10, Corey Moesker, 11, Barry Dunn, 12, Todd Cresswell, 13, Andy Mackereth, 14, Tom Kyle, 15, Chris Bauman, 16, Mike Westwood, 17, Dave Hickson, 18, Earl Caine, 19, Adrian Stahle (R), 20, Rob DiVenanzo.


Unofficial points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of May 12, 2012...1. MACK DEMAN...180, 2. Darren McLennan...167, 3...James Gray...156, 4. Dave McKnight Jr....149, 5. David Balych...143, 6. Greg Smulders...140, 7. Chris Holman...135, 8. Jeff Blackburn...130, 9. Rob Neely...128, 10. Barry Dunn...118, 11. Corey Moesker...115, 12. Todd Cresswell...107, 13. Andy Mackereth...103, 14. Tom Kyle...99, 15. Chris Bauman...95, 16. Mike Westwood...91, 17. Dave Hickson...88, 18. Earl Caine...85, 19. Adrian Stahle (R)...82, 20. Rob DiVenanzo...79.

For more information on the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets, contact Cindy Lorenz at clorenz74@yahoo.com

Note to racers

We've tested a couple pump fuels versus the Club fuel test.  Both the Esso Premium 91 Octane and Shell 91 Octane passed (-57 and -20 respectively).  PetroCan Gold 94 DID NOT PASS (+74).  The Club still recommends you have your fuel checked prior to the event as these are base numbers.


Can-Am Midgets Announce New Associate Sponsor

The Can-Am Midgets are excited to announce our new partnership with

THOMBOYS Powersport and Equipment, for the 2012 season.


THOMBOYS will be providing the club with an ATV to use for all our track needs. As we all know things can happen in an instant, and being able to respond quickly and safely is often times crucial.


THOMBOYS Powersport and Equipment are located in Owen Sound, and carry a full line of motorcycles, ATVŐs, UTVŐs, snowmobiles, boats, and RZRŐs. They are also the Official dealer for all BOBCAT equipment.


So, if you are in the market to buy new or used, please check out their website at

www.tbpowersports.com or give them a call at 888-865-5782.

Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets Roll Out 47th Season


The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets will start their 47th season at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday, May 12th. The 17 race schedule includes 5 races at Sauble Speedway, 4 races at Flamboro Speedway, 2 races at Grand Bend Speedway, 2 races at Sunset Speedway, and one each at Peterborough Speedway, Barrie Speedway, and a 'Joint Venture' with the Casey's Midgets at Lake Erie Speedway, in Erie, PA. The midgets make a return to Varney Speedway on Sunday, July 1st for an afternoon race.

Highlighting the year will be a 'Canadian American Midget Venture' with the Casey's Midgets from Buffalo at Sunset Speedway on Saturday, August 11th. This marks the first time these two Clubs will join on the Canadian side of the border for an exciting night of racing. Both Clubs will run their complete show and the fans will be treated to winged and non-winged midget racing.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets will be at Lake Erie Speedway in Pennsylvania for the third year with the Casey's Midgets on June 9th. The first time these Clubs combined at Lake Erie Speedway in 2010, 5563 fans saw 42 midgets in a parade lap!

Darren McLennan, the 2011 Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Champion, will be faced with some strong competition as a number of teams have stepped up their program for the 2012 season. Rob Neely, Todd Cresswell and Mack DeMan will also find the other top ten drivers Barry Dunn, David Balych, Tom Kyle and Dave Hickson in search of the title. McLennan, having his first Championship under his belt, will be in top form looking to make it two in a row.

Practice/Tech Day will be on Saturday, April 21st at Flamboro Speedway. 2012 looks like it will a banner year for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets



Lucas Oil and the Can-Am Midget Racing Club have announced their continued 'partnership' for the 8th consecutive year. Ken Lorenz, President of the Can-Am Midget Racing Club made the announcement recently. "We are proud to continue under the Lucas Oil banner, a name and 'family' we are extremely happy to be part of." Meeting Tom Bogner, Motorsports Manager of Lucas Oil, at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Lorenz thanked Lucas Oil for their continued support.

"Having 17 races scheduled for 2012, including one in the US at Lake Erie Speedway in Pennsylvania, helps spread the Lucas Oil name in our part of Ontario and the states", said Lorenz. "We are looking forward to 2012, our 47th year of exciting open wheel racing for our fans".

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets' season begins on May 12 at Flamboro Speedway and ends there as well on September 22nd. The other dates at Flamboro are July 14th and August 18th. Sauble Speedway has five dates, June 30, August 4th and 5th, and September 1st and 2nd. Grand Bend Speedway will host the midgets on July 7th and August 25th. Peterborough Speedway has scheduled June 16th and Barrie Speedway fans will see the midgets on July 28th. After a number of years, Varney Speedway will showcase the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets on Sunday afternoon, July 1st.

There will be two 'joint venture' events with the Casey's Midgets from Buffalo in 2012. The first one is at Lake Erie Speedway in Pennsylvania on Saturday, June 9th. The second race, for the first time, will be held in Canada on Saturday, August 11th, at Sunset Speedway. Fans will be treated to 40 to 50 midgets on hand at each race. Both Clubs will run their complete race that night. Open wheel fans will see a parade lap of all the cars under both the US and Canadian flags, highlighting the camaraderie of these two clubs.

For more information on the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets, contact Cindy Lorenz at clorenz74@yahoo.com

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A service dog will provide safety, companionship and independence. A service dog will also bridge the gap between special needs children and their peers. A service dog might also help modify behaviours and reduce anxiety in overwhelming public settings.

We are organizing this fundraiser/ dance as set out in the poster (attached as well) to raise money for this amazing charity and the service they provide. Autism Dog Services is not recognized by any government agency and receives no grants. They rely solely on donations and fundraising. We would truly appreciate your support at this fun evening of music and socializing.

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Autism Dog Services - Registered Charity No. 803605955RR0001
Thank you in advance for your consideration.See More





   2012 SCHEDULE


               April  29                                 Sun.                 Practice Sunset Speedway 10am


               May  12                                 Sat.                 Flamboro Speedway, Ont.

               May  20                                 Sun.                Sunset Speedway, Ont.

               June    9                                 Sat.                 Lake Erie Speedway, Erie, PA

                                                                                      (Joint Venture w/Casey’s Midgets)

               June  16                                 Sat.                 Peterborough Speedway, Ont.

               June  30                                 Sat.                 Sauble Speedway, Ont.

               July      1                                 Sun.                Varney Speedway, Ont.

               July      7                                 Sat.                 Grand Bend Speedway, Ont.

                                                               Sun.               Grand Bend Rain Date

               July    14                                Sat.                 Flamboro Speedway, Ont.

               July    28                                Sat.                 Barrie Speedway, Ont.

               Aug.     4                                Sat.                 Sauble Speedway, Ont.

               Aug.     5                                Sun.                Sauble Speedway, Ont.

               Aug     10                               Fri.                  Practice, Sunset w/Casey’s Midgets

               Aug     11                               Sat.                 Sunset Speedway, Ont.

                                                                                      (Joint Venture w/Casey’s Midgets)

               Aug     18                               Sat.                 Flamboro Speedway, Ont.

               Aug     25                               Sat.                 Grand Bend Speedway, Ont.

                                                               Sun.                Grand Bend Rain Date

               Sept.     1                               Sat.                 Sauble Speedway, Ont.

               Sept      2                               Sun.               Sauble Speedway, Ont.

               Sept    22                               Sat.                 Flamboro Speedway, Ont.



2013 Champion

Mack DeMan




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Upcoming Dates

Race #5

Saturday July 12th

Sunset Speedway