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We have one last “Up To Speed” segment as the Can-Am Midgets start their 2019 season today at Flamboro Speedway. Our last edition has last year’s champion, Darren Dryden who drives the #12 TQ. Coming off one of his best overall seasons, Darren looks to defend his crown as the champion in 2019. Can anyone step up and take his throne? Come on out and find out throughout the 2019 season!

As the 2019 season opener approaches this weekend, one of the highlights of the off-season has been how many new drivers, as well as eligible rookies that we have this season.

Starting with the #5 of Glen Fenwick, Glen has run a few part time seasons the last 2-3 years with the Can-Am Midgets but has not completed enough races to be considered a veteran driver. After blowing his motor last year at Peterborough, we look forward to Glen’s return and hope to see him this weekend at Flamboro Speedway.

Next David Miller, driver of the #11 Can-Am Midget. David is another graduate of the Waterloo Kart Club who was talked into racing one of these cars by some of our fellow drivers and looks to improve on his finishes from last season. He as well is eligible for Rookie of the Year due to not having made more than 5 starts.

Tim Kovac came on the scene in the final two races of 2018, driving the former Chris Holman #16 car. Tim will look to get a little more comfortable driving these very quick cars, and like all rookies will look to improve on his finishes this year.

One of the many new comers to the Can-Am Midgets this year will be the driver of the newly numbered #29 car that will be driven by Paul Harrison. Paul purchased the car that was formerly Todd Creswell’s #3 car.

As we move through this long list of rookies, next up is none other than Daniel Hawn. Hawn who’s made sporadic starts the last two years driving the #6 car that 2017 champion Adam Racine drove to many victory’s, has a new look and will be numbered #42. Hawn is coming off a championship in the OSCAAR Pro Midget division. And was quoted as saying, “I just wanna finish on the lead lap.” We’re sure he’ll do that and maybe more in his rookie campaign in the Can-Am Midgets.

Bob Bailey who was driving the Mackereth #46 car last season, has his own car this year, that he bought off of Jeff Blackburn. Bailey will continue to sport the #46 and has his sights set on picking up a little more speed in 2019.

Another newcomer to the Can-Am Midgets is Dave Mathers who will drive the #54 car. This car is a sister car of Luc Munsie’s #26. Mathers says he looks forward to getting out to as many races a possible, learning how the cars work and hopes to be turning some decent laps by the end of the year.

Brody Rickwood who was talked into driving these cars by the Marche family, acquired Tom Kyle’s old #44 car and will be running the full schedule in the #83 this year.

Some other new drivers to the Can-Am Midgets include the #57 of Joey Woolsey, and the #94 of Matt Scannell (who will be driving when Ryan Fraser is unable to attend).

Last but not least the long anticipated return of Paul Rhodes driving the #99 car has come to an end. As Paul intends to return to the track in 2019. With everything looking to be in working order thanks to David Balych, we look forward to seeing Paul back at the track.

The 2019 season looks to be a promising year with more drivers and cars looking to hit the track starting this weekend at the Flamboro Speedway in Freelton, ON. Come on out and enjoy a great night of racing! See the “Events” page and let us know if you’re going whether you’re a fan, driver or team member, come on out and enjoy the “Winged Warriors of Speed”! Racing starts at 6:30 sharp!