Shop Clear-Out! Loads of spare TQ parts available. Information provided in this post are about parts being sold.

A complete set of Advance Racing Suspension shocks by Cory Philips in Indianapolis, they are threaded bodied, black aluminum, 2-left fronts 2-right fronts 1-left rear 1-right rear, both rears are cockpit adjustable. A set of used headers, another “Shadow Racing” weight jacker ,we used to run on the right rear too. We have a spare rad, large electric fan, and a brand new heat gauge. We have square 5 gallon fuel jugs. I have a set of carbs and fuel pump for motor, which were reworked for use on 750 Suzuki when we ran carbs.

Also available are 2 Kawi stock engines. New Gen. $750 each or $1,000 takes both!

Contact Bill and Sandra at for availability and more info. They will respond promptly!