The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets travelled to Sunset Speedway this Saturday night where they had just over an hours rain delay before getting their double features in.

Darren Dryden took both features this weekend but claimed the qualifying feature only after last years Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget champion Adam Racine experienced troubles from the lead.

“To come from the back it’s never easy but we always have a good run at this track and we definitely had a lot of grip, a lot of mechanical grip so that was a huge advantage on our end.  I honestly thought the guy I was going to have to look out for today was Adam [Racine] and obviously the first run didn’t go as planned for him, he definitely ran strong the second race here, I didn’t know he was going to be right up behind me in second because he just came from deep in the field, good on him for finishing second and congrats to Dom for finishing in the top three.  I have to thank Autokloak, Xpert Transmission, who made his trip out here, Napa Auto Parts, StateFarm, Epic Racewear, DJD Graphics, John Dryden Autobody, Grisdales and Lucas Oil.”

Dryden once again proved he was the driver to beat this weekend as he claimed yet another double feature win.

In the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Final Feature Dryden started eight while Cassidy Marche earned his first pole with Dominique Smith lining up on his outside.

As the green flag dropped, Marche pulled ever so slightly out in front of Smith.  Smith chased Marche around the track and into turn 3 where she was able to sling shot past him for the lead bringing Brandon Hauck along who was able to steal second from Marche just before the start finish line.  Brandon Zavarella settled for fourth while Dryden gained three spots to round out the top 5 on the first lap.

As smith started to put some distance between her, Hauck and Zavarella back in mid pack there was a four away battle between Adrian Stahle, Adam Racine, Dryden and Murdock to figure out fifth on back while Marche fell back behind the faster cars.  When the battle was over Dryden had settled into fourth, Stahle into fifth, Racine in sixth and Marche held onto seventh over Murdock.

Dryden now in fourth had to battle with Zavarella for third.  While the duo battled back and forth, Dryden ended up a nose ahead of Zavarella at the start finish line completing the pass going into turn 1.

Just before the half way point Dryden was on track to take down Hauck for second.  As Dryden had his hands full chasing down Hauck, Racine was chasing down Zavarella for fifth.

Now with Hauck in his rear view mirror Dryden just had Smith to get by to claim the lead.  As half way came Dryden had caught up to Smith going low coming out of turn 2 as Smith stayed high knowing Dryden had the better car.

Settling into second Smith had Hauck in third to think about while further back in fourth was Racine showing some impressive speed as he inched his way closer to Hauck.  Zavarella rounded out the top five but had Stahle and Murdock following closely behind him waiting for their chance to make a move.

It wasn’t long before the leader had caught up to Lucas Munsie at the rear of the field putting him and his ill handling car a lap down.

While Dryden was out in front lapping Munsie, Hauck had caught up to Smith trying to go low out of turn 2 to get by her. As the two battled over second Racine had caught the two and in a sneak attack took third from Hauck dividing him from Smith then taking second from Smith the very next lap going low to her inside in turn 4.

As the checkered flag waved to end the race Dryden, with a straightaway’s lead over Racine, had just caught Marche to put him a lap down.

The Final Finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets Final Feature at Sunset Speedway for Saturday July 14th is as follows; 1. DARREN DRYDEN, 2. Adam Racine, 3. Dominique Smith, 4. Brandon Hauck, 5. Brandon Zavarella, 6. Adrian Stahle, 7. Steven Murdock, 8. Ryan Fraser, 9. Cassidy Marche, 10. Lucas Munsie

In the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Qualifying Feature Munsie had pole while Marche lined up beside him.

When the green flag dropped to signal the start of the race Marche was off ahead of Munsie but had a very eager Racine and Fraser quick on their tails.  Munsie fell back to fourth while Fraser jumped from sixth into second while Racine settled for third, Zavarella rounded out the top 5.

Coming out of turn 2 on the second lap, Fraser, Marche and Racine were three wide all hungry to be in the lead.  Racine with the stronger car was able to pull away while Fraser followed and tucked himself in behind Racine while further back Hauck, Smith and Murdock found themselves in their own 3-way battle for seventh, eighth and ninth.

As the field started feather out, Racine had a large lead over Fraser in second while Dryden who started in tenth quickly advanced forward gaining four positions landing in sixth then fourth the very next lap.

Dryden was quick to capture third from Marche then second from Fraser before turning his sights on Racine, beginning the tedious task of trying to reel him in knowing he also had a strong car.

An unfortunate circumstance on lap 9 brought out the caution for Racine who’s engine went up in a cloud of smoke spewing oil around the track from the exit of turn 2 all the way around to turn 1.  Thinking he had blown a motor, Racine thought his night had ended.  Luckily, for him his night was not over but just his chance at a win in the first feature as he had discovered his oil cap had come loose.

With Racine out of the race, this handed the lead over to Dryden for the restart.

Once the green flag dropped, Dryden was off like a rocket while Fraser and Stahle battled for second.  Fraser was able to stay ahead of Stahle but only for one lap before Stahle came back and over took him in turn 4.

At the half way point Hauck had chased down Zavarella for fifth.

The rest of the race ran uneventful with the drivers all spread out around the track until lap 23 when Dryden caught up to Munsie at the rear of the field putting him a lap down just before the checkers flew.

The Lucas Oil Can Am Midgets have an off week July 21st but will return to the asphalt oval at Flamboro Speedway on July 28th.

The Final Finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets Qualifying Feature at Sunset Speedway for Saturday July 14th is as follows; 1. DARREN DRYDEN, 2. Adrian Stahle, 3. Ryan Fraser, 4. Steven Murdock, 5. Brandon Hauck, 6. Brandon Zavarella, 7. Dominique Smith, 8. Cassidy Marche, 9. Lucas Munsie, 10. Adam Racine

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget top 10 in points after sunset Speedway on July 14th is as follows; 1. DARREN DRYDEN…2080, 2. Adrian Stahle…1996, 3. Steven Murdock…1820, 4. Ryan Fraser…1731, 5. Brandon Zavarella…1669, 6. Adam Racine…1637, 7. Dominique Smith…1604, 8. Lucas Munsie…1453, 9. Cassidy March…980, 10. Brandon Hauck…922,