The Lucas Oil Can-Am TQ Midgets opened their 2018 season at Flamboro Speedway Saturday night.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets would like to thank Lucas Oil and Grisdale’s for their support for the 2018 season.

With the Lucas Oil Can-AM Midgets running two 25 lap features adopted in their 2017 season they sure didn’t disappoint fans as the opener was full of side by side racing mixed with a little bumping and grinding.

Cory Whittam started out on pole for the first feature and led the field for three laps as Darren Dryden and 2017 Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Champion Adam Racine followed closely behind.  The trio showing fast speeds quickly began pulling away from the rest of the field.

Dryden showing some incredible speed made quick work of Whittam on lap 3 over taking him just past the start finish line and going side by side into turns 1 and 2; finally completing the pass coming out of turn 2 brining along Racine.  Following close behind in fourth was Steven Murdock and Adrian Stahle in fifth.

Murdock wasted no time passing Whittam in turn 3 two laps later while Stahle made his own moves to capture fourth from Whittam on lap 7.

Further back in the field Brandon Zavarella and Ryan Fraser had quite the side-by-side battle going on as Zavarella tried to knock Fraser from his sixth spot.  Zavarella was able to complete the pass on Fraser for sixth.

Just past the half waypoint, the field started to look like they were skating on the track as trouble spilled for Whittam on lap 16 as he passed the start finish line in a white puff of smoke.

Whittam was able to make it off the track under his own power and without a caution being thrown.

Dryden, out front leading with a huge margin over Racine, Murdock, Stahle and Zavarella started knocking on the back door of the field.

Lap 20 Dryden had made moves to get around the slower cars of Mark Schultz and Lucas Munsie, making it look effortless.

At the drop of the checkers, the top five drivers were Dryden, Racine, Stahle, Murdock and Zavarella.

“My mom was keeping me posted with my lap times during practice and I knew we had a good piece going into the feature.  Moving to transponders, we are able to see what we are going into the features with.  I have to thank my Dad and Steve for all the work they did the last few weeks, I’m shocked to be standing here right now.  We have a fast piece and I’m really excited to see where we go this season.  I’d like to thank all my sponsors, my Dad, Steve Gary for his help, Lucas Oil, State Farm “Bryan Burnside”, DJD Graphics, NAPA Auto Parts, Autoloak, Xpert Transmission, Retail Design Group and John Dryden Autobody.”

The final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Feature # 1 at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday May 12, 2018 is as follows;

  1. DARREN DRYDEN, 2. Adam Racine, 3. Adrian Stahle, 4.  Steven Murdock, 5.  Brandon Zavarella, 6.  Ryan Fraser, 7.  Mark Schultz, 8.  Lucas Munsie, 10.  Cory Whittam


In the second Lucas Oil Can-AM Midget feature, it was Fraser on pole with Zavarella on his outside.

Zavarella made quick moves on Fraser to get by him high on the outside bringing along Stahle, knocking Fraser back to third coming out of turn 2.  Back in the pack, Racine went low inside down the backstretch attempting to take Fraser and Murdock three wide going into turn 3 but backed down.

Zavarella jumping out in front had a quick Stahle close on his tail.  Stahle was able to get side by side with Zavarella while Zavarella crossed the start finish line just centimeters ahead of Stahle.

Zavarella and Stahle battled side by side through turns 1 and 2 with Stahle completing the pass coming out of turn 2 on lap 2.

Racine made some moves on Fraser on lap 4 to steal third while that lightening fast 12 car of Dryden was making his way forward.

Dryden was battling side by side with Murdock for several laps before he was able to overtake both Murdock and Frazer on lap 6 going into turn 1.

Stahle held a 10-car lead over Zavarella by lap 10.  Zavarella, Racine and Dryden were tight together running nose to tail while there was a 5 car gap going back to Murdock in fifth who had Fraser right on his back door.  There was another considerable gap going back to the rear of the field and the slower cars of Dominique Smith, Whittam, Munsie and Schultz.

With the taste of a Feature win still fresh in his mouth, Dryden made easy work of Zavarella passing him going into turn 3.

Dryden had his sights on Stahle working each lap getting closer to Stahle’s rear bumper while Zavarella battled to keep Racine behind him in fourth.

Zavarella and Racine made things interesting as they battled side by side with a little bumping and grinding as the laps wound down with Zavarella able to hang onto third.

Coming down with two to go Dryden was at the rear bumper of Stahle.  Stahle was approaching the rear of the field fast while Dryden was hoping to utilize that slower traffic to catch and pass Stahle but the slower traffic of Schultz and Munsie moved aside to let the leader pass.

At the drop of the checkers, Dryden just ran out of time to catch and pass Stahle for the win.

“It feels great.  I’m starting to think you are my good luck charm, I think you said I’d be here come the second race.  I just want to thank my dad and to all the fans who came out as well.  I have to thank Bell Cartage and Larka Custom Machine; they really help us out to the track every week.  A really big thank you goes out to those two companies.”

The final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Feature # 2 at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday May 12, 2018 is as follows;

  1. ADRIAN STAHLE, 2. Darren Dryden, 3.  Brandon Zavarella, 4.  Adam Racine, 5.  Steven Murdock, 6.  Ryan Fraser, 7.  Dominique Smith, 8.  Cory Whittam, 9.  Mark Schultz, 10.  Lucas Munsie

Please join the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets next week when they travel to Sunset Speedway for Spring Velocity on Saturday May 19.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget top 10 in Driver points after Flamboro on Saturday May 12, 2018 is as follows;

  1. DARREN DRYDEN…280, 2. Adrian Stahle…273, 3.  Adam Racine…257, 4.  Brandon Zavarella…244, 5. Steve Murdock…238, 6.  Ryan Fraser…220, 7.  Mark Schultz…200, 8.  Cory Whittam…195, 9.  Lucas Munsie…190, 10.  Dominique Smith…130