Facing two features races with the points chase very close, Mack DeMan sealed the deal with a win on Saturday night as the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets ran the Fall Velocity Show at Sunset Speedway. The first race of the night was a rained out feature from July 9th and Rob Neely took home the checkered flag. DeMan finished 5th and had the final feature race of the season to go to win his 4th consecutive Championship. With 21 points now separating DeMan and Darren McLennan, it would come down to a good finish and some good luck to bring home the winners trophy. Car owner Andy Mackereth was on hand to aid in the setup and also jumped into the backup car to run the race. Taking his 4th Championship in a row he tied Keith Dempster’s run of wins from 1992-95. Dempster won 3 more championships, setting the bar very high for future racers.

DeMan was awarded the annual ‘Harry Macy Memorial Race Trophy’ along with the winner’s trophy in Victory Lane. ‘I want to thank my parents, Andy Mackereth and Lucas Oil for all their help and support, said DeMan. This championship is a team effort all season long.  I also want to thank McColl Racing Enterprises for sponsoring this race tonight. And to all the fans here tonight, thanks for coming out. I hope you enjoyed the show.”

Steven Murdock was on pole for the start with Ryan Fraser on the outside. DeMan was starting third and McLennan was right behind Adrian Stahle for 5th. As the field headed into turn one at the start, Neely and McLennan made contact and Jeff Blackburn and Paul Rhodes were involved. Neely went out with a broken torsion bar and McLennan, Blackburn and Rhodes went to the back of the field for the restart.

As the green flag was thrown for the restart, Fraser grabbed the lead with Murdock second and DeMan in third. Stahle remained in fourth place as Adam Racine, driving for Cliff Walsh was in the top five. Stahle powered around Murdock and DeMan for second as Fraser was strong at the point. DeMan wasted no time getting around Murdock and the top three were now in a bunch. Lap after lap Fraser managed to keep out front as Stahle and DeMan tried the inside line or outside to get the edge. Murdock was in fourth with James Marche hanging onto fifth. Darren Dryden, starting 13th, was quickly coming thru the field, now up to sixth place.

With ten laps in Fraser remained at the top with Stahle and DeMan surrounding him. Murdock was just behind the leaders and Dryden was now in the top five. At the halfway point DeMan broke free from Stahle and took over  second place as Fraser stayed in front. Stahle, now had Dryden knocking on his door as Murdock saw McLennan closing in for fifth place.

A caution came out on lap 17 for a spin in turn 2 by James Marche. Fraser again took the lead at the restart but DeMan was right by his side. Two laps later DeMan took over the lead from Fraser and set his sites on the championship. Stahle had a battle with Dryden for third as McLennan was on Dryden’s tail. With two to go, Blackburn spun in turn 3 bringing out the caution. With one last restart DeMan shot to the front as Fraser stayed close behind. DeMan saw the checkered flag ahead and took the win and the 2016 Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget Championship. Fraser was second followed by Stahle, Dryden and McLennan. Heats were won by McLennan and Fraser.

Final finish of the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Sunset Speedway’s Velocity Weekend is…1. MACK DEMAN, 2. Ryan Fraser, 3. Adrian Stahle, 4. Darren Dryden, 5. Darren McLennan, 6. Barry Dunn, 7. Steven Murdock, 8. James Marche, 9. Adam Racine, 10. Andy Mackereth, 11. Todd Cresswell, 12. Paul Rhodes (R), 13. Jeff Blackburn, 14. Rob Neely, DNS..Cory Whittam (R).