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Hi to all our loyal fans,

An update from the Can-Am Midgets on the pandemic of COVID-19. All of our sponsors, officials, drivers, crews, and their families are keeping safe during this time. Our drivers and crews are still getting their cars ready despite this virus and news going around.

We are in contact with all of our tracks that let us come visit and race week to week. As of right now, our season is a go as scheduled. We will get a season in whether it be the full 19 races scheduled or a smaller schedule if necessary. We hope this does not happen but if it does, stay tuned to our website, and social media pages for schedule updates.

In closing, we hope everyone is staying safe during this time. Keep your distance, and listen to the experts to stop the spread of COVID-19. Lastly, we know this will take a hit on EVERYONE. People, businesses, financial, etc. Please keep in your mind when this is over of our amazing club and all your local tracks. Without our fans, we have no where to go and race. We hope everyone will go out to their local track to support and get everything back to normal.