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As we get closer to our next event of 2020 that takes place September 19th at Sunset Speedway, we are proud to announce that 100 fans are allowed to attend the event. Attached below is a message release from Sunset Speedway and Dave from OSCAAR Racing about the procedures that must be followed to obtain tickets and procedures when you attend. Tickets are $45.00 at a first come, first serve basis starting September 5th. Contact Luc Munsie by e-mail at lmunsie26@gmail.com, Kim Banyard by e-mail at kimb@bell.net, Dave Gainforth from OSCAAR Racing or Sunset Speedway directly as well for any questions you may have. We hope to see you at the track on September 19th! Thank you all for your patience during this time.

We will attach race day pit notes, and times when available to us.

DRIVERS: If you have not seen the forms in the group chat, contact Luc or Kim for the camping forms if you plan on camping. $80.00 from Friday to Sunday. We also have the forms for your entry which is due by September 15th at midnight. $250.00 per team with 4 crew and a driver equaling to 5 people max. Let’s put on a great show.

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