#6 CanAm TQ Midget For Sale – Complete, Race Ready with Spares – $12,000

We have put our setup on this car. Bar rates, shocks, roll centers etc. and will have it out as soon as the track opens to fine tune the setup so it is FAST.
We will support this car at the track for 2017, you can pit beside us or we can take it to the track (for a small cost).
One of the most beautifully fabricated cars I have ever seen
1 1/8” Chrome moly construction, TIG welded, powder coated
Torsion bar car, built to a “Dempster” style – all these cars are fast runners.
Latest front end full Midget spindles and hubs,
Stiletto fast rack
Winters 8” magnesium Rear with Narrowed / Lightened Crown Gear
6 gear sets

2005 Suzuki GSXR – Pippard Racing Outdoor Engine – 4 races on it in 2016, engine won the last race in the #40 car
Fuel injected with all hardware
Power Commander / Auto Tune setup
New high end seat belts, with 2” shoulder straps
Pippard flat oil pan – Engine mounted as low as possible in chassis
All new Aeroquip lines, nothing cheap
Beautifully wired
Latest high end compact master cylinders and pedal assembly
Electric water pump and fan.
2 full sets of spare radius rods
4 RR rims, 6 front rims
6 torsion bars
2 new spare front axles
Spare drive shaft
Some spare shocks
Spare rad
Spare front end components, caliper brackets, steering arm, etc.
Very clean, beautifully fabricated body, components/brackets.

Contact: Mack DeMan – mack@demancorp.com