The 2019 Can-Am Midget series came to a close last Saturday night. Eleven races saw 6 different winners headed into the Fall Velocity at Sunset Speedway. The question was, would we see anyone be able to unseat the stranglehold that Darren Dryden has been putting on the field this whole season?

Racing action got underway with Brody Rickwood and Paul Harrison starting on the front row for Feature #1. The #83 machine looked to have a good start, but moved up the track entering turn 1 and Dominique Smith dropped in and took over the top spot. Seven laps later a super fast Brandon Hauck took over the lead and looked to set sail on the field. Lurking in the background was the #12 of Darren Dryden, quietly making his way ever closer to the back bumper of Hauck as the laps began to click off. Cory Whittam pulled his car off the track on lap 21 with overheating and one lap later the yellow flag flew for the one and only time of the night for a spin by David Miller. Kent Turnbull driving for Luc Munsie in car #26 pulled off under caution due to handling issues. On the restart, Brandon Hauck and Darren Dryden headed the field down into turn #1, where Hauck with brake issues pushed up the track, allowing Dryden to slip past and take over the lead. Without looking back, Dryden pulled away and went onto win, Hauck finished 2nd and Dominique Smith held on to take 3rd position.

With many different divisions racing throughout the day, the second feature would have to wait a couple of hours before taking place as the sun had set into the night and the track had changed once again.

Brody Rickwood took the pole for Feature #2 as well with Daniel Hawn just barely making it into his front row starting position after coming off a win in another division prior to this race. Rickwood without question got a much better start in this race, jumping out to the lead, hanging onto the top spot until lap two, when driver of the #2 Steve Murdock took over the lead. Murdock who looked to have a sizable lead had only one driver to worry about, and yes it was the #12 of Darren Dryden once again who had moved up to 2nd position by lap 6 and set his sights on Murdock. It only took 9 more laps before the handling began to go away on Murdocks car and Dryden traded places taking the lead on lap 15. Dryden continued to dominate and swept the night winning Feature #2. Murdock held on for 2nd with Ryan Fraser finishing 3rd.

“Huge thanks to everyone involved, especially my father John Dryden and Steve Garry for all their hard work all season long. Our chemistry as a team led to always finishing on top. Winning over half of the races (11 out of 19) and only finishing off of the podium once with a 4th, while always starting in the 7th-13th starting position based on handicapping. I always made it to the front and without a mark on the car all season…the respect in our division as we race wheel to wheel is insane. A huge thanks goes out to all the competitors in my division for showing so much respect on the track each race and making this season as enjoyable as it was. Unreal year!




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So it’s official congratulations to Darren Dryden for becoming the 2019 Can-Am Midget series champion! Winning in back to back seasons.

A big congrats also goes to David Miller who wrapped up the 2019 Rookie of the Year honours. The rookie class was a tough one this year. We hope to see more in 2020!

We’d like to thank all of our loyal sponsors that help make this thing go, Neely Auto, Grisdale Racing Products, American Racer, Epic Racewear, and Flamboro Machine Shop for all your continued support.

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And we hope to see you all back here in 2020!